Professional Organizers & Productivity Consultants

We welcome and support aspiring and experienced organizers and productivity consultants to become members of NAPO-New England. (If you’re a business or individual that complements these professions, consider becoming a Business Partner.)

Our chapter members typically reside in one of the New England states, which include Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut. There is an additional NAPO chapter in Connecticut.

You must be a member of NAPO National to join NAPO-New England. Note that a NAPO National membership does not include membership in NAPO-NE.

Member benefits

NAPO-New England members enjoy the following benefits to help grow their businesses.

Professional Development

  • New Organizer Workshops
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Expert speakers 
  • Conference recordings


  • Attend monthly chapter meetings (both in person and virtual)
  • Join local Success Groups
  • Access our members-only online communities
  • Build referral relationships and find job opportunities


  • Business profile in our public-facing member directory
  • Opportunities present at monthly chapter meetings
  • Ability to market your offerings on social media
  • Chapter logo for your website
  • Benefit from NAPO-NE media exposure and branding


  • Zoom calls with our Director of Membership for new members
  • Information about our Business Partners’ products and services
  • Database of professional services that complement your business
  • Access to recommended reading lists

Additional Benefits

  • Opportunities to volunteer within the chapter and in your community
  • Complimentary NAPO-New England name badge
  • Chances to win giveaways (free membership, conference attendance, etc.)
  • Reduced membership fee for retired members
  • Form friendships and have fun!

Annual dues

  • Annual dues are $125.00 for regular members and $50.00 for retired members.
  • Membership dues are required with your registration.
  • The NAPO-NE membership year is October 1 to September 30. Memberships are renewed for all members each October.
  • Individuals registering for NAPO-NE membership must be members of NAPO National. We cannot process your registration until your NAPO National membership is confirmed.
  • If your NAPO membership expires, you cease to be a NAPO-NE member, and you will not receive a refund from NAPO-NE.
  • Dues are prorated based on when you register, by quarter.
  • There is a one-time $20 processing fee paid upon registration for regular members. This fee is waived for retired members.
Date of registration Regular members dues + one-time processing fee Retired members dues*
October 1 and December 31 $125.00 dues + $20 fee = $145.00 $50.00
January 1 and March 31 $93.75 dues + $20 fee = $113.75 $37.50
April 1 and June 30 $62.50 dues + $20 fee = $82.50 $25.00
July 1 and September 30 $31.25 dues + $20 fee = $51.25 $12.50

*Please contact us to register as a retired member instead of registering below.

How to join

You must register online. Note that you must be a member of NAPO National to join, and you’ll need to enter your NAPO National membership number on the NAPO-NE registration form.

After we process your application, you will receive an email welcoming you to NAPO-NE and detailing how you can access members-only resources and get involved in chapter activities.

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