Success Groups

Success Groups are informal gatherings of NAPO-NE members who come together either according to (1) a specific geographic area OR (2) a special interest or subject.  These groups may meet in person, by conference call, or potentially through other web-based meeting formats.

Success Groups, while encouraged and promoted by NAPO-NE, function independently in order to maintain informality. Thus, each group decides how formal or informal they would like their meetings to be and how often they will meet.

  • The current special interest group is: The Environmentally Conscious Organizers (ECO) Collaborative.
  • There are two success groups that meet according to their geographic areas: The Organizing POSSE meets in Mansfield, MA and the Organizers NoSh meets in Danvers, MA.

Success Groups are a members only benefit and more information can be found on the Members Only Page and meetings are listed on our calendar.