Business Partner Membership

Business Partner status is for companies or individuals whose work complements the work of Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants.

Typically they are involved with the design, manufacture, distribution and/or sales of organizing products, or any other company that benefits from having Professional Organizers as clients, sources of referrals, sources for research of new products or sales ideas, or sources of information.

What can Business Partners expect from participating in NAPO-NE programs?

Business Partners have the opportunity for increased visibility within NAPO-NE, and opportunities to market and network with our members. They benefit from opportunities for increased business through greater visibility to, and relationships with, the 100-plus members of our chapter.

Our Regular Members benefit by having a network of known, complementary resources to support client engagements.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are $275.00, and our membership year is October 1 – September 30. There is a $50 processing fee for all new applications.

New member dues are prorated according to when you join.

October 1 and December 31: Your dues are $275+ $50 processing fee. You pay $325.00.
January 1 and March 31: Your dues are $206.25 + $50 processing fee. You pay $256.25.
April 1 and June 30: Your dues are $137.50 + $50 processing fee. You pay $187.50.
July 1 and September 30: Your dues are $68.75 + $50 processing fee. You pay $118.75.

How to register

Click on the button below. Your membership fee is automatically prorated according to your application filing date.

What offerings are included for Business Partners?

Being a Business Partner gets you:

  • visibility and an extended listing on our website, along with an enhanced listing in the appropriate categories of our resource list
  • access to our members-only side of the website
  • monthly emails
  • membership in our Yahoo distribution group (members-only communication tool)
  • reciprocal links between our website and their company website
  • attendance and networking at meetings
  • opportunities to participate in the chapter’s annual Business Partners event
  • opportunities to display marketing materials at meetings
  • opportunities to offer special savings to consumers and NAPO-NE members

Read a testimonial from a Business Partner who has enjoyed business growth and building relationships through this program.

“I would love to express to the NAPO members how, for the past 6 years, I have enjoyed immensely my working relationship with them. I have found NAPO members to be incredibly efficient and dare I say “organized” beyond belief. I know that in dealing with a member or their client, unlike a huge number of my other clients, the information about dates, times and amount of material to be shred is always spot on, which in my business makes a huge difference. I also would like to compliment the personable customer service and attention I have witnessed given to NAPO clients as well as myself and my staff. Being an associate member has been a great experience both personally and from a business standpoint and I look forward to working together in the future.

Thank you all and I wish you all continued success!”
– Brian Johnson, Doc Shredding Corp

To recommend a company as a Business Partner, please contact our Business Partner Chair.


Current Business Partners

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