Creating a Home Mail Center

We may not be sending handwritten letters to our friends anymore, but there’s always something still in the mailbox.  I wanted to give you three tips on how to create a home mail processing center.

1. Assign a home for incoming mail.  Whether it’s the corner of the table in the hallway or a paper tray on your kitchen counter, you need a specific, designated spot for the mail once it comes into your home.  Nothing else lives in that spot. Whether you process your mail daily, weekly, or whenever you get around to it, at least you know ALL the mail is right there waiting for you. read more

Avoiding “Thrower’s Remorse:” Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Bring Stuff into Your Home

I was recently working with a client who has “Thrower’s Remorse;” she hates to throw things away because she knows they’ll just be going to a landfill.

I resonate with her desire to create as little waste as possible.  So I shared with her the only way I know of to prevent over-contributing to the landfills:  Be careful what you buy in the first place.

Everything you bring into your home, from the smallest cheap plastic toy to the largest stainless steel appliance, is going to leave your house someday. It’s going to break or stop being useful, and you are going to need to get rid of it.  If we keep that fact in mind whenever we’re shopping (or accepting freebies from friends), we may just bring less into our homes in the first place. read more

The Organizing Process: More than Just Throwing Things Away

Have you ever tried to get organized simply by throwing things away?

Many people get fed up with the clutter in their homes and start chucking things, thinking that by having some space back they are more organized.  But in a few months, the clutter has returned.  It’s not that their organization system failed; it’s just that they were never organized in the first place.

Yes, getting organized includes weeding your belongings, but that is just one step in a whole process.  Each step is key to establishing a functional and lasting system. read more

Treat Your Car As You Do Your Home

I feel it is important to keep your car as clean as you do your home.  For many of us, our car is an extension of our home because we spend so much time in it.

  • Take the time to keep it orderly by removing trash daily and maintaining a schedule for cleaning and maintenance.
  • If car cleaning is not your thing, delegate to a professional detailer or hire a youngster or neighbor to do the work for you.
  • If you make it part of your routine when exiting the car to take all bottles, trash and bags from the day, you will be refreshed with a clean clutter free car each day!
  • read more