Less is more

Because I am an organizer many people think I hate stuff, that I despise things and belongings.  When working with a client one-on-one I am able to dismiss this assumption pretty fast.  I don’t hate stuff and I do not disregard other people’s precious items.  What I try to help people see is that relationships and quality of life are so much more important than anything we own.  Organizing is often not about the physical stuff so much as it is about our perception of those things.

If disorganization, clutter or a lack of systems negatively affects you and those around you, you are being held captive by what you own and allowing it to control you.  This will cause stress in your life and ultimately your relationships.  Sometimes people have simply acquired more than their space can comfortably contain, but the belongings are relatively current.  Other times clients are drowning in an avalanche of memorabilia or things associated with memories.  This habit will hold you in the past, keep your present from being enjoyable and even your future from moving forward. read more

What Would You Bring to a New Land?

I went to Ellis Island recently and was really fascinated by the history around me.  All those people arriving in a country where they didn’t know the language, customs or rules, but eager to make their way.  One of the things I found particularly fascinating was the luggage, the bags, baskets and trunks.

They literally moved their entire world in a handful of containers.  Clearly only those things that truly mattered made the cut.  It’s a good way to go about purging your own belongings.  If you were moving and could only bring what you could carry, what would you bring?  Granted you are going to keep more than that but, it should help with prioritizing which things you truly need or love. read more

Things and Happiness

The following is a technique discussed in the book Making Peace with the Things in Your Life by Cindy Glovinsky.  This book is packed with information on dealing with the Things in your life and how to determine which things are worthy of staying in your life.  Give this technique a try:

“Choose a room in your home.  List every Thing you can see in it that is not essential for your survival.  On a scale from 1 to 10, how much pleasure does each of these Things currently give you?  The items with a score of at least 6 are among your “happiness Things.”  Now focus on the Things that receive a score of less than 6.  What “shoulds” are motivating you to hang on to these belongings?” read more