The Simpler the Better

Receiving a thank you note in the mail is pleasant. It’s even more pleasant when you’re being thanked for something you didn’t realize would make an impact on the other person. This happened to me when I offered a simple organizing solution to a Realtor I had met at a networking event. She asked me if I had any ideas how she could keep all her real estate forms portable and organized. I suggested a portable accordion file. The next thing I know, I’m reading a very sincere thank you note that makes me smile. It just goes to show you, sometimes the simplest organizing solutions are the best solutions. In this case, find a good home for paper and things. read more

Does your space need a tune-up?

I suppose even a professional organizer can become stuck in a rut. A couple months ago I tried to stuff some unruly plastic bags back inside themselves under a deep kitchen cabinet. Suddenly, I asked myself why on earth I had not purchased a plastic bag sleeve? Then I asked myself why this imaginary bag sleeve was not hanging on the inside of my kitchen cabinet?

This solution, while so simple and intuitive, seems to have evaded me for the first year I have lived in my apartment. The irony is that in a client’s house I would have seen the same issue a while ago and made the proper storage suggestion. Why did it take so long? Even organizers can get stuck in a rut. We all do it. We are used to using our space a particular way. We are accustomed to viewing it a certain way. This means that every space, even one belonging to an organizer, needs a tune-up every once in a while. read more

Home Office Cable Management: Untangle Yourself with Great New Gadgets

I have been a big fan of 3M’s (the Scotch® tape and Post-It® note people) Command® line of removable hooks and clips for many years. No nail holes or marks left on your walls.

3M Command Cord Hanger
3M Command Cord Hanger

Shopping for some Command hooks for my own office, I discovered 3M now has several new products, including a cable organizer.

The cable organizer helps you bundle and hang electrical cords and cables out of the way. Cable bundles can be attached to a wall or the hidden side of desks. They can be used in offices, studios, workshops or behind your entertainment system. You can learn more about 3M cable organizers here. And while you are visiting their website, mouse over to the left and click on “home office” to see a short video about other office organizing tools. read more

The Honor of Sharing Space

As organizers, it is important to be ever mindful of the fact that we are being given the privilege, the honor, of sharing not just physical space with our clients, but mental, emotional, and spiritual space.  And it is that space, the intangible space, which actually matters more.

I had the recent opportunity to work with a woman who had done a lot of moving around and had finally landed, but needed assistance in getting her new home in order.  As we worked through some logistics of what could go where and began the process of organizing her files, it became clear that she was feeling some insecurities and apprehension.  Some of her uncertainty revolved around making sure she got what she needed and that everything would have a place.  But her deeper uncertainties, which became clear with each question she asked, were about herself and her ability to really change her systems and realize her deep-seated goals. read more

Benefits of Getting Organized: Creating External and Internal Space

Have you ever walked into a room and had an immediate visceral response to the disorganization and clutter?  You may have felt anything from disgusted, to uncomfortable, to agitated, to downright panicky.

Now imagine it is YOU whose daily life is surrounded by such disarray.  Clutter of any magnitude doesn’t just happen overnight; it accumulates.  And probably the person living with chronic disorganization doesn’t even realize or can adequately verbalize how it happened.  All they know is that it is slowly day by day taking up more space – both physical space in the home or office, and emotional space as they search for a clear “counter” on which to lay some peace.

In short, the chaos is competing with the contentment.
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