Greeting Cards Organized in Hanging File Folders

A client of mine loves to give gifts and send greeting cards to friends and family.  She had been keeping her cards in several baskets but they were not in any order.  After sorting the cards into similar categories: birthday, holiday, sympathy and so on, and purging some cards that she no longer cared for (especially the free cards sent by charitable organizations as a thank you for your donation) we needed a way to organize the cards.

card drawer

The volume of cards was considerable so the card storage boxes that can be purchased at Hallmark would not cut it.  My client already had a two-drawer filing cabinet in her bedroom that was not being utilized.  After emptying the filing cabinet, we madefile tabs with her categories and put the cards in the hanging files.  This makes it much easier for her to see the collection she has and choose a card to send. read more

Organizing the Garage Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Organizing a garage can seem like a daunting task, especially when the space has become a dumping ground for the family as it is often the gateway to our indoor living space. Before jumping in, plan ahead; what purpose should your garage serve?

  • To create an open and easy-to-utilize storage area for all outdoor activities?
  • Is it to have the ability to use the space as it was originally intended, to store the car(s)?
  • Or are you converting it to be a workshop?

Three Easy Steps for Organizing the Garage

1.  With your end goals in mind, create zones for your different types of items (Such as gardening, tools, toys etc.).

2.  Then create aisles, and keep them clear.

3.  Finally, get items off the floor for easy maintenance and cleaning, which will reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the house. read more

Simple Ideas to Organize a Craft Room

Creativity and organization go hand in hand.  How can you let your ideas come to fruition when you can’t find your glue or you are avoiding your craft room altogether?  Follow the six steps of organizing to give your creative space a fresh, new look.

Here are some crafty strategies to keep your creativity flowing. 

1.  When you complete a project, put away your tools and materials in their assigned spots so you know where to look for them later.

2.  Assign a spot for in-progress projects that will not get in your way as you function within the room, such as a flat surface away from your main work table. read more

A New Coat of Paint

Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed. -Irene Peter

I was riding in the car with my friend and her four year old daughter recently when the car started making a screeching type sound.  Not being a car-savvy person, I could offer little to no assistance on the matter; however, my friend’s daughter knew just what to do.

“Mommy, I know how to fix it.  Paint the car red.  Red cars are good.”

We laughed at her adorable precociousness, but really, don’t we often do that in our own lives?  We stick to the surface, slapping a fresh coat of paint over a problem, thinking that will fix everything when really the issue is deep-rooted and often requires a major shift in attitude, belief, patterns, and systems.  We rearrange our homes (and our lives) but don’t really change anything because the real work, the important work, is hard and takes time.  But well worth the effort, especially when over time we can look back and see a real, and lasting, difference in our lives. read more

Home Office Cable Management: Untangle Yourself with Great New Gadgets

I have been a big fan of 3M’s (the Scotch® tape and Post-It® note people) Command® line of removable hooks and clips for many years. No nail holes or marks left on your walls.

3M Command Cord Hanger
3M Command Cord Hanger

Shopping for some Command hooks for my own office, I discovered 3M now has several new products, including a cable organizer.

The cable organizer helps you bundle and hang electrical cords and cables out of the way. Cable bundles can be attached to a wall or the hidden side of desks. They can be used in offices, studios, workshops or behind your entertainment system. You can learn more about 3M cable organizers here. And while you are visiting their website, mouse over to the left and click on “home office” to see a short video about other office organizing tools. read more

Organizing: Hard work, but well worth the effort

“Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it”.  ~Author Unknown

This blog is going to be short and sweet.  Re-read the above quote.  Soak in its truth, which is this:  Success of any kind takes intention and hard work.  If we set a goal and then expect it to be easy to reach, we set ourselves up for failure.  Surround yourself with people who will encourage, empower, and support your goals, so when the work gets really really hard, you can rest on the strength of trusted friends and family. read more

Benefits of Getting Organized: Daily Living Made Easier

I want to share a few true stories from my experiences with clients about how being organized can make your day-to-day living less hectic.

Being Organized Saves Time in the Mornings
Sam’s morning routine became much more manageable when we organized his 5-year-old son’s clothes.  When we began working together, his son had no dresser and his clothes were piled in the seat of a rocking chair.  Finding appropriate clothes for his son each morning was nerve-wracking…not a nice way to start the day.  Now his son can choose his own clothes very easily because each category of clothing has its own drawer in a dresser, which we picked out together. read more