Meal Planning Card System

My Meal Planning Story

Many who know me well are aware that for years meal planning has been an achilles heel of mine. It always felt like it was too time consuming and burdonsome to make the effort. I’ve tried numerous systems and solutions including outsourcing the activity!

I think, as a single person, cooking in general was something that was a necessary evil in order to end up with food to eat, but I will admit that my relationship with cooking has shifted somewhat now that I have a partner and there’s someone else who might actually enjoy what I make. read more

Create a Strategy for Meal Planning

Meal planning can be a challenge for many people. Do you start to think about dinner when it’s time to eat? By then, you don’t have any food on hand and don’t have time to go to the grocery store. Meal planning is a hurdle that you can tackle by planning in advance and sticking to a schedule.

I cook most nights for my husband and me. I’m a Lifetime Weight Watchers member so eating healthy is important to maintaining my goal weight. I also work full time and have many commitments outside of my work life. Below is my strategy for planning ahead so I have what I need on hand to cook a healthy meal when I get home. read more

Preparing Breakfast Ahead of Time

A Gift from Friends

Recently, some friends stayed in our home while we were away for a short holiday.  When we returned, they had left a pan of baked oatmeal in our refrigerator as a thank you gift.  It was one of the best things they could have given us!

Not only was the baked oatmeal YUMMY, but it provided both my husband and me a work week’s worth of warm breakfast.  Each morning, we’d spoon some into a bowl, pop it in the microwave for one minute, pour a little milk on top, and devour it.  Warm, comforting, yummy, filling, and quick and easy on a busy morning. read more