The Simpler the Better

Receiving a thank you note in the mail is pleasant. It’s even more pleasant when you’re being thanked for something you didn’t realize would make an impact on the other person. This happened to me when I offered a simple organizing solution to a Realtor I had met at a networking event. She asked me if I had any ideas how she could keep all her real estate forms portable and organized. I suggested a portable accordion file. The next thing I know, I’m reading a very sincere thank you note that makes me smile. It just goes to show you, sometimes the simplest organizing solutions are the best solutions. In this case, find a good home for paper and things. read more

Greeting Cards Organized in Hanging File Folders

A client of mine loves to give gifts and send greeting cards to friends and family.  She had been keeping her cards in several baskets but they were not in any order.  After sorting the cards into similar categories: birthday, holiday, sympathy and so on, and purging some cards that she no longer cared for (especially the free cards sent by charitable organizations as a thank you for your donation) we needed a way to organize the cards.

card drawer

The volume of cards was considerable so the card storage boxes that can be purchased at Hallmark would not cut it.  My client already had a two-drawer filing cabinet in her bedroom that was not being utilized.  After emptying the filing cabinet, we madefile tabs with her categories and put the cards in the hanging files.  This makes it much easier for her to see the collection she has and choose a card to send. read more

Simplifying Holiday Thank-You Notes

Growing up, my mother always had me write thank you notes whenever I received gifts.  I appreciate her doing that (especially since I’m sure I didn’t cooperate all the time).  But now it’s second nature, and I enjoy sending them because I know they’ll make someone feel good.  Here are a few tips to make the Thank You Note simple.

  1. Keep a stash of thank you notes or blank cards on hand at all times.  Before the holidays, make sure you get a couple of packs while you’re out shopping for gifts.
  2. Keep a list of the gifts you receive.  As you receive gifts, immediately write down who gave you what.  When you receive several gifts at one time, keep the gift card and the gift together so you can write them all down later.
  3. Keep the note short and sweet, something to the effect of “Thank you for the _____ you gave me.  I love [the color, the way it looks in our living room, how yummy it is, etc.].  Thank you for thinking of me.”

Of course, to actually send the notes, you need to know people’s addresses and to use postage stamps.  If you don’t know some addresses, try looking them up on  If they are listed in their local phone book, they will appear in your search. read more