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Elena Nilan

Elena Nilan
Elena Nilan

Simple Living Strategies, LLC
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About Our Company

Simple Living Strategies is a home Organizing, Decluttering, and Downsizing service for residents of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether seeking to reclaim balance and order in your home, or downsizing for an upcoming move, we're here to help. We'll guide you in making decisions on which of your possessions are truly useful and loved, developing a system to access what you need with ease, and transforming your home into an inviting place to be.

About Me

I've spent most of my life discovering the benefits of simplicity and organization. It all started with Study Skills class in 7th grade, where I learned to eliminate distractions on my desk, make lists, and plan ahead. Later on, my work as a preschool teacher revealed to me the connection between a tidy, simple environment and how it affected the flow of the day. I observed how a messy environment tended to bring an increase in overstimulation and distraction in both the children and herself. A neat, ordered room brought on a sense of calm and purpose to all. I loved to sneak away to bring order to the storage closets when possible. Coming across books about organizing took my enthusiasm to the next level, inspiring me to go through our whole home applying the principles I learned for creating a tidier home space.
I'd love to pass these skills along to you and help you with your goals!

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