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Rubina Motta

Rubina Motta
Rubina Motta

At Capacity - Professional Organizing Services
Phone: (617) 207-5235

About Our Company

At Capacity – Professional Organizing Services, LLC helps individuals, families, and businesses take back control of their life. We specialize in helping people transform their physical environments, manage their time efficiently and improve upon their existing systems. Our goal is to help “make room for life”.

We enrich the lives of our clients by using organizing principles to create custom systems which support their lifestyles and business needs. Inherent to this process, we teach our clients these techniques in order to successfully support the use and maintenance of those systems.

We are located at the midpoint between Boston and Providence and service clients in the Greater Boston Area, Upper Cape Code and Rhode Island.

About Me

As a busy professional and mom, Rubina Motta could relate to the feeling of being “at capacity”. Her ability to create order out of chaos was noticed by friends and family and she was often called upon to help them implement ways to make their lives easier and less stressful. After many years of helping people regain control over their lives and business processes, Rubina decided to dedicate herself fully to the Professional Organizing Industry and founded At Capacity – Professional Organizing Services, LLC.
Having nearly 20 years of operations leadership in a corporate environment, Rubina draws on her experience as a seasoned professional. During her career, her primary focus was Process Re-Engineering, Streamlining Systems and Process Improvement. Rubina brings expertise in identifying client requirements and delivering creative solutions, improving productivity and lowering costs.
This professional skill set was readily transferable to residential settings where an individual’s or family’s needs are assessed, and a coordinated plan to organize is developed and implemented. In a residential setting Rubina assists individuals to regain control of their time, space and resources.

Professional Organizations

NAPO New England Secretary 2014-2015
NAPO New England Vice President 2016
NAPO New England President 2017

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