Quantum Leap

What is Quantum Leap?

Quantum Leap is a NAPO community service program that provides organizing training to people who are welfare-vulnerable or in a welfare-to-work transition. The task force is made up of volunteer professional organizers who work through local agencies to offer skill-building sessions on paper, time, and money management.

Who benefits from Quantum Leap?

The local agency chosen by NAPO-NE is St. Mary’s Women and Children’s Center. It serves young families dealing with child abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, homelessness, violence, illness, addiction, and poverty. St. Mary’s offers a program called Women @ Work. This job-readiness training and employment program addresses vocational needs of women who face homelessness, lack of education, substance abuse, domestic violence, and difficulty obtaining and sustaining employment. It is a 20-week program providing women with computer skills, customer service skills, resume writing, mock interviews, and personal development skills. The goal is to move women towards family self sufficiency. The training that we provide is included as a part of this program.

What does NAPO-NE do with Women at Work?

We provide them with the personal and vocational skills of time management and paper management by offering a two-to-three-hour class on each topic. Both skills are beneficial for them at home and at work. The size of the group varies. Generally there are 15 to 20 women in the program.

When does NAPO-NE present to Women at Work?

We present both topics twice per year. The day of the week and time may vary.

What do I do if I volunteer?

You can volunteer as an Assistant or a Presenter. The Presenter presents material to the group, facilitates discussions, answers questions, and collects forms. The Assistants help by unloading supplies, passing out paper and supplies, offering tips and advice, generating discussion, working one on one with students, and helping to clean up after the program. Generally we need one or two Assistants, depending on the class size.

What do I say if I present to a group?

The presentation is loosely structured. Presenters are provided a basic outline to follow, including PowerPoint slides and handouts, but are encouraged to add their own experience and personal touch.

How can I get involved?

The NAPO Cares Chair will notify the membership of the date and time of upcoming Quantum Leap training sessions. There are often several people interested in assisting with presentations so you may be turned away. However, there is always a need for Presenters.
If you have any questions regarding Quantum Leap, please contact quantumleapcoordinator@napo-newengland.com