Services Professional Organizers Offer

The following services represent those offered by NAPO-NE members. Of course, some members don’t offer all of these services, and some offer services not listed here.

  • Residential organizing: Organizing closets, kitchens, garages, children’s rooms, home offices, etc.
  • Office organizing: Organizing file systems, developing systems to help you work smarter
  • Time management: Helping you set your priorities and manage your schedule
  • Special clients: Organizing for the chronically disorganized, those with ADD or physical disabilities, and seniors, students, and children
  • Paper management: Creating systems to manage mail and other paper flow
  • Space planning and design: Designing space for optimum efficiency
  • Financial services: Accounting, bookkeeping and managing your finances
  • Information management: Developing systems to manage paper and electronic information from databases to inventory
  • Project management: Keeping your project under control, on track, and on budget
  • Estate organizing: Helping you manage all aspects from paperwork to an estate sale
  • Home and household management: Keeping your home running smoothly
  • Moving/relocation services: De-cluttering, packing, move coordination, unpacking
  • Staging: Preparing your home for sale
  • Feng shui: Implementing the ancient art of placement for your home and office
  • Event planning: Managing your special events, including yard and estate sales
  • Memorabilia: Organizing and storing your photographs, collections and historical items
  • Public speaking/seminars: Available for group or individual educational speaking engagements
  • Personal assistant: Running errands, shopping, paying bills, etc.

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