Here’s How To Turn Your Resolutions into Reality … Tips From A Professional Organizer

By Heidi Solomon P.O.S.H.

Habits that align your behavior and decisions with your life goals are the main differentiator between those who reach their goals and those who don’t. Whether these are personal or professional goals find the habits that work for you and stick with them.  It’s the baby steps every day that truly make a difference in the long run.  Here are a few ways to either form habits and/or keep moving forward to make your dreams a reality.

Have a Plan

A goal without a plan is simply a wish. With a plan you have direction, focus and clarity. Trying to make progress without a plan is like moving through quicksand blindfolded. Not only are you stuck but you are unable to clearly find a way out. Plans do not have to be complicated. They can simply be a starting date, an ending date and a few steps to reach your goal. If that seems daunting, start with daily plans. Today I will do “X,” tomorrow I will do “Y.” An effective strategy is to take an hour each Sunday to plan the week ahead. Decide what you are going to do and when. As the week unfolds, tweak your plan to maximize efforts and keep you moving forward. read more

Vacation Success Depends on the Planning

Diana Eastty, Well Ordered Spaces

A vacation only really begins after the work of planning for the vacation is done.

As I reflect on the many family vacations we’ve taken over the years, I realize that the best ones resulted from some serious upfront planning. Here are some examples.

Ever since our youngest daughter could read road signs she was intrigued by the number of towns named after distant countries, and at this young age she expressed her desire to “travel the world in Maine.” For those of you who are not familiar with Maine, there many towns who have adopted the name of foreign countries sprinkled all over the state. read more

Creating a Home Mail Center

We may not be sending handwritten letters to our friends anymore, but there’s always something still in the mailbox.  I wanted to give you three tips on how to create a home mail processing center.

1. Assign a home for incoming mail.  Whether it’s the corner of the table in the hallway or a paper tray on your kitchen counter, you need a specific, designated spot for the mail once it comes into your home.  Nothing else lives in that spot. Whether you process your mail daily, weekly, or whenever you get around to it, at least you know ALL the mail is right there waiting for you. read more

Meal Planning Card System

My Meal Planning Story

Many who know me well are aware that for years meal planning has been an achilles heel of mine. It always felt like it was too time consuming and burdonsome to make the effort. I’ve tried numerous systems and solutions including outsourcing the activity!

I think, as a single person, cooking in general was something that was a necessary evil in order to end up with food to eat, but I will admit that my relationship with cooking has shifted somewhat now that I have a partner and there’s someone else who might actually enjoy what I make. read more

Creating a Morning Ritual to Start the Day Off Right

I love my sleep, but I’ve discovered that I really love having time for a little morning quiet time before getting ready for work.

When the alarm goes off (a little earlier than it used to), I get up, put on my bathrobe, and sit in my chair by the window. It’s dark outside, but as I sit there for about 20-30 minutes, I can see the sky start to lighten. During these dark winter mornings, I turn on my “Happy Light” (like this one) and bask in the blue light as I let my brain slowly wake up. I read a brief daily thought in a favorite book (currently, this one) and prepare myself for the day.  I’ve found that allowing myself time to have this little ritual each day makes a difference in my resilience. read more

Create a Strategy for Meal Planning

Meal planning can be a challenge for many people. Do you start to think about dinner when it’s time to eat? By then, you don’t have any food on hand and don’t have time to go to the grocery store. Meal planning is a hurdle that you can tackle by planning in advance and sticking to a schedule.

I cook most nights for my husband and me. I’m a Lifetime Weight Watchers member so eating healthy is important to maintaining my goal weight. I also work full time and have many commitments outside of my work life. Below is my strategy for planning ahead so I have what I need on hand to cook a healthy meal when I get home. read more

New Traditions , Easy as Pie

Ever wonder if you can change how you do large holiday meals without feeling completely overwhelmed? Do what I did this year and consider letting go and doing some serious delegation. It made all the difference in my experience with 14 people around the table this year in my modest home.

First, be clear about what you ARE willing to do 

  • I was happy to host but only wanted to cook the turkey and make the gravy. Being an organizer everyone thinks it’s easy for me to host every year (and I am good at it) but this year I made it easy on myself and delegated the meal planning to a nephew, a young adult who is old enough to do this. Together we came up with a list of things people would sign up for: food items, set up, clean up, desserts, centerpieces, iced tea, wine, etc. you get the idea. He sent out the email and tracked everyone’s response. One by one everyone brought and did what they agreed to do and the meal was even more delicious.

You may ask, why didn’t you just send out the email yourself? To let everyone know this wasn’t my meal to them it was our meal together. It created a new interest level to have someone else lead the way and gave everyone permission to take charge of their task in my kitchen and home. I needed to relinquish this long held tradition of doing just about everything and send the message that we can do things differently and have a great time together. read more

How a Working Mom (and Dad) Survives Halloween

The first Halloween I re-joined the work force after having my children I had an enlightening experience. I worked in an office where I was the only working Mom. I knew that I would have a slightly different view on this venerable haunting holiday but it couldn’t be THAT different…RIGHT? After all my work colleagues surely donned a pirates’ costume or princess tiara when they were little buckaroos…RIGHT? Surely they remembered the exhilaration of dumping out the sugary loot to take stock after a chilly night of candy begging…RIGHT? Well, NO…they were clueless! read more

Magnetic Meal Planning Board

I just found this great concept for a Magnetic Meal Planning Board, and I think we might try this in our house.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

It’s a little DIY, but it doesn’t seem too hard. With some magnet paper, a printer, and a magnetic whiteboard calendar on our fridge this might make meal planning each week quick and easy.

Erin W Erin Elizabeth Wells is Founder and CEO of Living Peace LLC of Salem, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at  Or call (617) 519-5693. read more

Time Management: Start at the TOP of Your To Do List

There are lots of things you start at the top, for example:

  1. Ice cream cones
  2. Writing letters
  3. Washing windows

And when the To Do list just looks too daunting, that’s where I start – at the top.

It’s tempting to look at the To Do list like a buffet menu. Which would be good to do first? And which do I feel like doing next?

But when nothing on the To Do list seems appealing, I’ve found that simply starting at the top and working my way down is the best way to actually get things checked off. Otherwise I just keep looking at the list and debating where to start. read more