Business Partner Registration

  • You may be the company owner, but you may have someone else will represent you at NAPO-New England Events. This information will be used to create a name tag as well as be the contact person on your profile.
  • Image must be smaller than 4mb and one of these types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png.
  • If you have only one phone for people to contact you, use the Phone filed. If it is your cell phone, use that number.
  • Social Networking

    If you have social networking affiliations (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, etc) that you would like included on your listing in the Resource Directory, please list URLs.
  • If you wish to add a social networking site, copay and past the URL from that page. Do not type in information.
  • I hereby authorize and permit the person or persons in charge of NAPO-NE records to release to the NAPO-NE website, for the purposes of general NAPO-NE publicity, any and all information provided by me to NAPO-NE on this and other similar membership data forms