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Photo Documentation Services, LLC

Marsha HarrisMarsha Harris
Phone: (877) 880-1115
Cell: (508) 579-7992
Fax: (508) 363-2346

About Our Company

Photo Documentation Services, LLC (PDS) provides asset documentation services to residential and commercial clients.
PDS will do the heavy lifting, what does that mean?
A) We’ll come into your home or business and prepare a detailed list of all the possessions or assets.
B) We’ll assemble your account information in a cloud-based storage portal, that is a virtual replication of your home or business.
C) You will have complete access to your account online, you’ll also be able to add new items or delete items as you wish.
D) Your online account will NOT contain any personal information about you, your address or a photo of your home. If you don’t want a virtual account, no problems. Your information can be delivered in any format you wish.

Services We Offer

1. Home inventories
2. 3D Virtual Modeling of Home Interior
3. Post disaster inventories
4. Drone Services
5. Cloud Base Storage Portal for your Account

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