Quick Ideas to Organize Art Projects

While it is impossible and impractical to save every art project your kids create, it is a good idea to keep some projects to remember the year.  Here are a few ideas to organize children’s art projects;

1.  Take digital photos or scan each child’s artwork and create an online scrapbook.  You can take it a step further and create a poster or photo book to remember the year.  Sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly make it easy.

2.  Keep a portfolio – I actually use a combination of digital and portfolio.  I place artwork throughout the year in a portfolio for each of my girls.  At the end of the year we weed through them together and I then take photos of what we decide to keep. read more

NAPO- New England (NAPO-NE) Organized Office Giveaway

If you are looking for tips from the organizing professionals about how to keep your office running efficiently, then you’ve landed in the right place!  NAPO-NE gathered some of the best tips from our local experts to help keep your office space running smoothly and efficiently.  Our associate member, OfficeDrop has donated an amazing prize for the winner.

Entering the giveaway is EASY – simply read our expert tips below and post a comment letting us know your favorite.  After posting your comment, you’ll be entered to win a three-month Home Office subscription to OfficeDrop.com. OfficeDrop makes it simple to get your paper files online with three simple methods to connect your physical, paper-based world with the convenience of an online digital filing system.  You can find an outline of pricing and services by clicking here. read more

Official Rules NAPO New England BLOG GIVEAWAY


1. ELIGIBILITY: Members of NAPO – New England, OfficeDrop and their immediate families (spouse, parents, children, siblings, and their respective spouses), and their respective household members, are not eligible to enter. Existing OfficeDrop customers are not eligible.  Contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws. U.S. law governs this Giveaway. read more

Cleaning Appliances

Don’t worry if the weather isn’t quite cooperating with your spring cleaning plans.  You can still keep moving forward and whittle away some spring cleaning chores.  Get a start on some of the indoor chores now so that you have time to enjoy the good weather when it arrives! I’ve compiled a list of  my favorite “how to clean” instructions.  I prefer eco-friendly solutions, so if you are a Clorox lover, this post is not for you.

Let’s tackle the oven first.  Of all the eco-friendly choices out there, the use of baking soda is the most popular.  There are various methods of how to go about it, but my favorite is this easy process from Miss Thrifty.  The problem is getting the baking soda to work without building up and become too difficult to wipe out.  There is nothing more maddening then the impossible to clean out white paste.  I think boiling the water first helps to solve that problem as well as loosen some of grime.  Give it a try and let me know what you think. read more

Clean and Organized Makeup

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, but there are a few things that you can get do to get a jump start on the process.  Begin now by weeding through all of your cosmetics and toiletries.  Pay particular attention to make certain your makeup brushes are either cleaned properly or replaced.  Makeup can be germ central, so give it a good cleaning.

1.  Brushes need to be cleaned or replaced.  I like to use I.D. Well cared for by Bare Escentuals once per month, (link below).  You can also use any mild detergent on a good brush. read more

Quick Ideas for Organizing Kids Clothing

Organizing and maintaing kids clothing does not have to be nightmare.  Taking some thoughtful time to consider the child and the space can help set the stage.  Finding easy solutions so that they can help maintain their space will give them a sense of accomplishment but also cut down on the frustration of trying to find clothes in the morning.

I know that in my home it is not realistic to ask my Girls to fold their things in a way that will lie nicely in a drawer and not look cluttered or messy.  Instead, I’ve set their dressers up so that they are easy to maintain with minimal folding involved.  They are able to put away and find their clothing on their own and that save me time and frustration. read more

Helping Kids Organize

My daughter’s birthday is just around the corner and as we all know, a birthday means a sudden accumulation of toys. Kids can become overwhelmed if they have too many choices and so my girls are learning that as we bring in more toys, we then need to look at donating or editing others.

If there is a toy or book that they no longer play with, but seem reluctant to release, we hold it in our basement for a couple of months. This makes the process much easier because they know it is still in the house and we can always reevaluate our choices. read more

Balancing Social Media

Facebook and other forms of social media have become a standard means of communication in most households.  As a business owner and a marginally tech savvy parent, I do see the value and the importance of learning and using these tools…within limits.   What guidelines have you established within your home to make certain that it has not become a drain on your time?   Have you stopped to consider how many times you’ve ended up on your computer instead of completing a task or even taking a minute for yourself? read more