Reproducing the Vacation Tranquility at Home

A client of mine told me a story of how she had to move out of her home temporarily and live in a much smaller apartment. She only took her utmost essentials. When she was able to move back into her home, she came to the sudden realization that she was able to live happily with very little and is currently on a mission to purge the unessential from her life. I thought to myself, “That is exactly how I feel when I get back from a vacation.” Have you ever gone on vacation and realized when you came home that you had lived quite easily without all the “stuff” in your home? Would you like to recreate that feeling again (without having to move out of your house) so you are motivated to purge the clutter from your home? read more

Cleaning Schedules: Maintaining sparkly surfaces with just minutes a day

I’d like to confess that although I love to organize, I dislike cleaning. My awesome husband usually picks up the slack or I pull marathon cleaning sessions before guests arrive. I don’t like either of these scenarios and right now hiring a cleaner is not an option. So I’m making it my new year’s resolution to get organized about my cleaning.

There are many cleaning schedules online where all the common household chores are spread out over a series of days so that you can work consistently towards a clean home. Here are a few websites that I found with sound solutions: read more

My Dining Table Dilemma: An indepth look at the challenges of organizing a shared space

I’m an organizer and I freely admit that keeping my dining table cleared off is a constant battle that is rarely won(except for days when we have people over for a meal). How can I share such an embarrassing weakness? I’m human and I know I’m not the only person who struggles with this issue. My dining table only has enough space to fit a plate and a cup for each person. The rest of the table is buried under catalogs, to-do lists, coupons, grocery flyers, a small file box, library books, and DVDs. In addition to our table being an embarrassing eyesore, my young daughter can now reach the papers on the table and pulls anything her little hands can grab. So why can’t we keep the dining table cleared? read more

Halting the Catalog Flood Starting Today

Is your mail box getting stuffed each week with a growing number of catalogs from your favorite stores to those you don’t remember signing up for? Are they mounding up on your counter/table because you think you might look at them or are theyfilling up your recycling bin (and you feel guilty about all those lost trees)? If you answered yes to either question, then take some time now to cut down on the deluge before you get buried.

First, grab all your catalogs.

Sort into 2 piles – keeping and recycling read more

The Tech Box Conundrum

About a month ago, David Galloway wrote a short article on apartment therapy asking “Should You Toss Your Tech Boxes?” I was very excited to hear his answer because my husband and techy friends all save the original packaging their electronics came in. We have boxes stored in our closet, attic, and basement. Whenever I question the logic of keeping all these boxes, my husband and friends tend to spout the same reasoning: We need to keep these boxes just in case we want to return, ship, or sell the item. They believe that keeping the tech packaging is part of the stewardship of owning an electronic device. Between David and his readers, here is the list of criteria they came up with for keeping or tossing your tech boxes: read more

Free Information Overload

My Gmail InboxI love reading about organizing case studies, looking at office designs and tools, and exploring ways to be a better business woman. When I first started my business, I subscribed to any newsletter or blog that gave me some inspiration to improve Claiming Space. At first, it was easy keeping up with the information flowing into my inbox. If I couldn’t read it, that was okay, I saved it to read later. But later never came. More newsletters and blog posts showed up. I got behind, and the more behind I got, the more guilty I felt as valuable knowledge piled up in my inbox, unused. Digital clutter was taking over my life. It got to the point where I hated opening my inbox in the morning knowing there were 7-10 emails full of webinar alerts, newsletters, and blog posts that would get added to my to-do list that I was never going to get to. read more