Website Change Request Forms

The Board of Directors or designee uses these forms to submit website change requests. Please allow up to three weeks for changes once the information has been submitted to the Web Chair.


  • All changes to existing website pages content, the deletion/removal of an existing page from the website, or the addition/creation of a new page for the website must be reviewed and approved by the president (and/or Board of Directors as deemed appropriate).
  • The change request should be submitted to the Web Chair by the Director of Communications and Technology or designee.
  • The Web Chair is not responsible for editing submitted content unless requested by the Director of Communications and Technology.
  • A separate form must be submitted for each change request.

Existing Website Page Change Form

This form allows the following options:

  • Content change of the page
  • Move to a different navigation tab on the website
  • Rename the page
  • Remove the page from the website

Click here to go to this form.

Request to Create a New Website Page

Click here to go to this form.