Board of Directors Change Form – Outside of Annual Elections

This form is used by the Board of Directors when a Board position is filled or vacated outside of the normal election process. Allow up to two weeks for the change to be made on the website once the form is submitted.

Board of Directors Change Form - Outside of Annual Elections

  • Please use your position-specific email address here.
  • If Board changes are due to the annual elections, then choose the date of the 2nd Monday of May as the effective date. If the Board change(s) happen at any other time, specify the date when the changes are in effect. (Note: this could be the same as the "Today's Date" field or a future date.)
  • Please type the full name of the position in the space below.
  • Select only one.
  • If the position is to be vacant, type vacant in each name field.
  • If the role of president is filled by someone currently on the Board of Directors, use the same phone number unless the individual wants it changed. Leave blank if the position is not filled.
  • This is the address that GoDaddy uses to forward the NAPO-New England position-specific email to. If the position is vacant, the Board needs to determine to whom the email will be forwarded.
  • A head shot of all Board members is required. Submit a new head shot ONLY if a current Board member wants the photo changed. Select from one of the following options to communicate the photo status.
  • Submit a photo ONLY if the person is new to the Board of Directors or wants his/her photo changed from the current photo used.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff, bmp.