Why Should I Hire a Professional Organizer?

Cheryl Russo Organizing by Cheryl

Someone asked me recently, “What do I really get by hiring a professional organizer?  In other words, what am I paying for?”  Here is what I said …

Well, first you get a really organized home, free from clutter.  You also get tips and advice on how to keep it clutter-free.  But it’s really much more than that.

Each morning when you go into your kitchen, you get a little excited when you look at your counter that has no clutter on it anymore.  Imagine that for a minute.  You also get time back into your life because you don’t have to move 30 things in order to make coffee.  You also get the ease of opening drawers that are no longer jammed shut from too many things.  Just picture for a second how that would feel.  Nice, right?

You’ll feel less stressed because you can find everything in your home because everything now has a permanent resting spot for when it’s not being used.  And that spot is easy to get to, and taking the item out and putting it back can now be done with ease.  And where things are now located makes sense; it’s logical to you and to everyone in your family.

You also have more money because you are no longer buying things that you already own but that you just couldn’t find.  You enjoy your space each night when you relax after making dinner in your now-decluttered kitchen where pots and pans are easy to get to and are not stacked up precariously in a cabinet with random soup cans and baking dishes that no one has used in 12 years.  And yes, you can actually relax now.  You start to realize that you enjoy cooking again, too.

You realize that your home IS big enough and that you do in fact have enough closet space!  You can find shoes, handbags, and hats much easier now.  It’s no longer a major task to put something away in the closet because there is space in there now, and the hangers move smoothly and easily on the rack.  You find that your clothes are no longer wrinkled, so you save time by not having to iron.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

And lastly, you feel a sense of calm and happiness when people visit because you feel proud that your home looks beautiful, organized, and clutter-free.  And when people do visit, they tell you that your home looks amazing, and you feel good about that.

So that’s what you’re paying for when you hire a professional organizer: less stress, less aggravation, fewer distractions, more space, more time, more peace, more money, random bouts of joy and happiness, and no more frustration and panic when family and friends come over for a visit because you now have a renewed sense of pride about your home.

About Cheryl

At Organizing by Cheryl, Cheryl Russo gets to do what she loves: helping people find more space in their homes and more time in their lives to do what they love. She helps clients use space more effectively decide what to keep and what to discard. Because working in someone’s home is very personal, she works at the client’s pace and as much as possible keep the mood light throughout the process. She organizes with a focus on minimalism; minimalism removes the distractions in life to focus on what we love in an effort to find peace and calm.

Cheryl was recently named the Massachusetts community leader for the minimalist.org meet-up group, which meets monthly in and around Boston to share decluttering and organizing strategies and to talk about minimalism, her favorite subject next to Italian food and sad French films.

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