Freedom From Want

Susan Stone, Susan Stone Organizing

I took a moment out of my Independence Day celebrations to reflect on one of our great four freedoms – freedom from want.

I suspect our Founding Fathers had in mind a country where no one went hungry, went without shelter, went without good health, meaningful work, and a sense of belonging. These are essential to living a full and free life. But it got me thinking – might the Founding Mothers have had some additional thoughts – like freedom from want of more time, less stress, more space, less clutter?

Susan Stone 2016 01How about freedom from the burden of unfinished tasks, likely abandoned projects and unmade decisions? Case in point: my beloved (He Who Must Not Be Named) has been “working on” shifting his closet for the season. We’ve had 12 days over 80 degrees in the last two weeks — it’s time. And yet, as you can see in the photo, much remains. And these remains have spent the last two weeks floating from floor to bed and back again. This is (for me at least) an annoying reminder of the energy-zapping power of things left almost, but not quite, done. This pile up has visual weight and psychic noise and speaks in a nagging voice that does little to boost the spirit.

Why did this pile up happen? The solution looks easy to me because it’s not my stuff. For my honey, other delights (or problems) demand “choose me instead”! There are decisions that to be made correctly will take time (Does this still fit? Try it on. Will that stain ever come out? Soak it in stain treatment.) There are emotions to sort through (that ratty tee shirt from 1998’s wonderful vacation, the shirt that looked terrific in the office that is way too formal in retirement- what? am I really retired?).

My role is to be his accountability partner. I’ll offer support, encouragement and hold the bigger agenda — bring this task to completion- so we can both sail into summer!

About Susan

Susan Stone headshotMy focus is on changing lives, not just rearranging spices. My practice gives me the opportunity to work with you to design and maintain the kind of spaciousness that brings you ease and allows you to live with less stress and more joy.
As a professional organizer and coach, I’ve seen that the combination of these techniques is critical to sustaining change for my clients. My career as an Organizer Coach is a natural outgrowth of my work as a professional organizer, psychotherapist, life coach, business executive and entrepreneur. I understand the challenges of today’s fast-paced world.

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