Does your space need a tune-up?

I suppose even a professional organizer can become stuck in a rut. A couple months ago I tried to stuff some unruly plastic bags back inside themselves under a deep kitchen cabinet. Suddenly, I asked myself why on earth I had not purchased a plastic bag sleeve? Then I asked myself why this imaginary bag sleeve was not hanging on the inside of my kitchen cabinet?

This solution, while so simple and intuitive, seems to have evaded me for the first year I have lived in my apartment. The irony is that in a client’s house I would have seen the same issue a while ago and made the proper storage suggestion. Why did it take so long? Even organizers can get stuck in a rut. We all do it. We are used to using our space a particular way. We are accustomed to viewing it a certain way. This means that every space, even one belonging to an organizer, needs a tune-up every once in a while.

Spaces that could benefit from a tune-up are highly used, high traffic areas such as an entryway, kitchen cabinets, a closet or an office drawer. I like to open up a cabinet, step back and ask myself:

  • Does this set-up work well for me? What don’t I like about it? What would I change?
  • What can I do to suit my daily needs more effectively?
  • Is there a product that would make this space more efficient?

I would encourage you to perform a tune-up every six months unless the need arises earlier. Remember that any well-organized space at some point needs a little reassessment to ensure it is working well and to its fullest potential.

Rebecca Burley
A Spacious Place


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