One In and One Out

I’ve been on a hunt for a new dressy winter coat for quite a while. I kept my old one, since I didn’t have a replacement yet, even though I hadn’t worn it for a few years. But I decided it was ridiculous to hold on to it when I wasn’t wearing it and there were people who actually needed a warm coat to use. Out it went.

With the help of a stylish pal, I finally found a great new coat. When I brought it home, I did what I always try to do when I update my wardrobe: I looked for the old one to put in the donation pile.

It’s a policy I encourage clients (even my family!) to follow: bring something home, send something out. The “something out” can be the old version of the new purchase or some other worn or unused item. But when I remembered that I’d already donated the old coat, I let myself get away without culling.

What do you do to help balance bringing new items into your home?

On a different note: Many places across the USA are now accepting donated formal dresses for high school proms. For donation guidelines, check my previous blog. The links are current. The deadline to donate a dress in most places is April 1, 2013.

Elesheva E. Soloff is a professional organizer with Soloff Space Solutions, based in Boston, MA.

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