Do you qualify for a Home Office Tax Deduction?

Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air?  The season is upon us…TAX SEASON that is.  It’s that time of year when weary eyes abound and refrains of “where did I put that?” can be heard uttered through out the land. Most of us are fortunate in that we can hand over documents and information to a qualified accountant (who mysteriously understands the language spoken by the IRS) and thus magically transforms it all into a completed IRS tax return.  I certainly am not a qualified accountant…I am not even an unqualified accountant.  But I am an office organizer who specializes in home offices and in my travels I hear a lot of confusion about this issue…so I sought out advice from tax expert and CPA Marietta Z. Courtney who helped me understand the “home office” tax deduction…explained simply. read more

One In and One Out

I’ve been on a hunt for a new dressy winter coat for quite a while. I kept my old one, since I didn’t have a replacement yet, even though I hadn’t worn it for a few years. But I decided it was ridiculous to hold on to it when I wasn’t wearing it and there were people who actually needed a warm coat to use. Out it went.

With the help of a stylish pal, I finally found a great new coat. When I brought it home, I did what I always try to do when I update my wardrobe: I looked for the old one to put in the donation pile. read more

Meal Planning Card System

My Meal Planning Story

Many who know me well are aware that for years meal planning has been an achilles heel of mine. It always felt like it was too time consuming and burdonsome to make the effort. I’ve tried numerous systems and solutions including outsourcing the activity!

I think, as a single person, cooking in general was something that was a necessary evil in order to end up with food to eat, but I will admit that my relationship with cooking has shifted somewhat now that I have a partner and there’s someone else who might actually enjoy what I make. read more

My Dining Table Dilemma: An indepth look at the challenges of organizing a shared space

I’m an organizer and I freely admit that keeping my dining table cleared off is a constant battle that is rarely won(except for days when we have people over for a meal). How can I share such an embarrassing weakness? I’m human and I know I’m not the only person who struggles with this issue. My dining table only has enough space to fit a plate and a cup for each person. The rest of the table is buried under catalogs, to-do lists, coupons, grocery flyers, a small file box, library books, and DVDs. In addition to our table being an embarrassing eyesore, my young daughter can now reach the papers on the table and pulls anything her little hands can grab. So why can’t we keep the dining table cleared? read more