Downsizing Your Home Library

I worked with a woman recently who had accumulated a fairly large home library over the years.  Because her library had out-grown her bookcases, she had little stacks of books all over her house.  Novels waiting to be read were neatly stacked on the bottom shelf of her night stand.  Business-related books were stacked up in her home office.  Her husband’s sports trivia books were piled on the shelf underneath their coffee table in the family living.  Finally, technology caught up to her.  Two years ago, she bought a Kindle and her library became irrelevant – especially that stack of books waiting to be read! read more

New Traditions , Easy as Pie

Ever wonder if you can change how you do large holiday meals without feeling completely overwhelmed? Do what I did this year and consider letting go and doing some serious delegation. It made all the difference in my experience with 14 people around the table this year in my modest home.

First, be clear about what you ARE willing to do 

  • I was happy to host but only wanted to cook the turkey and make the gravy. Being an organizer everyone thinks it’s easy for me to host every year (and I am good at it) but this year I made it easy on myself and delegated the meal planning to a nephew, a young adult who is old enough to do this. Together we came up with a list of things people would sign up for: food items, set up, clean up, desserts, centerpieces, iced tea, wine, etc. you get the idea. He sent out the email and tracked everyone’s response. One by one everyone brought and did what they agreed to do and the meal was even more delicious.

You may ask, why didn’t you just send out the email yourself? To let everyone know this wasn’t my meal to them it was our meal together. It created a new interest level to have someone else lead the way and gave everyone permission to take charge of their task in my kitchen and home. I needed to relinquish this long held tradition of doing just about everything and send the message that we can do things differently and have a great time together. read more

New Job, New Desk, Whose System? Easy Office Organizing for YOU.

Have you ever started a new job and “inherited” a desk and its previous owner’s organizational system?  It’s like wearing someone else’s glasses. Maybe you can get by for a bit, but then you get a really bad headache.

When you start a new job, there’s lots to learn. Organizing your desk may not be a high priority at first, but the sooner you organize for YOU, the more efficient you’ll become.

Your desk is your command central. You want your desk to be organized according to the way YOU think and work. read more

Create more space in your kitchen

-Designate an area in your house to act as secondary storage for your kitchen. A shelving unit at the bottom of the basement stairs, a shelving unit in the garage, shelves in your pantry or even an extra closet are great options.

-Determine what items you rarely use but still need for certain occasions. Bread machines, lobster pots, large roasting pans, Christmas molds and special serving dishes and utensils are only a few of the candidates for the secondary storage area. Anything you use about once a month or even every couple of weeks could go in this area. read more