Holiday Decorations: To Keep or Not to Keep?

It’s that time of year. On the day after Thanksgiving, we pull out our holiday decorations. If you’re like me, you have certain things that you just love! A beautiful glass ornament that my grandmother gave me or a snow globe I found it in a little shop in Germany. They have emotional and sentimental value. If you’re like me, you also have items that you no longer use. Strings of lights I haven’t put on the shrubs in years or plug-in window candles that I’ve replaced with a battery operated version. But I carry them down from the attic year after year and then repack and store them again at the end of the season. read more

Storage Under Stairs: A GREAT use of wasted space

I have seen some excellent concepts to utilize the space under your stairs, but I think this one takes the cake for amazing functionality.

Just pull out the section you want and everything is right at hand.


Source: via Erin on Pinterest

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What Would You Bring to a New Land?

I went to Ellis Island recently and was really fascinated by the history around me.  All those people arriving in a country where they didn’t know the language, customs or rules, but eager to make their way.  One of the things I found particularly fascinating was the luggage, the bags, baskets and trunks.

They literally moved their entire world in a handful of containers.  Clearly only those things that truly mattered made the cut.  It’s a good way to go about purging your own belongings.  If you were moving and could only bring what you could carry, what would you bring?  Granted you are going to keep more than that but, it should help with prioritizing which things you truly need or love. read more

Use a Lazy Susan to Tame Craft Supplies

If you are a crafter, you know how many small supplies go along with your hobby; pens, scissors, pins/needles, tape measure, buttons, paint, the list goes on.  While these items are essential for the success of your work, they are also easy to lose.  Having a clear home for these items helps you stay productive and organized while working.

A great organizing strategy for the craft or hobby room is a Lazy Susan.  The ability for the supplies to be displayed clearly and interacted with easily is ideal.  The Lazy Susan in the picture came with several glass dishes that fit in the tray.  They were perfect for holding pins, measuring tape and other small items.  If your Lazy Susan does not have dishes, simply using cans or jars will serve the same purpose. read more