The Tech Box Conundrum

About a month ago, David Galloway wrote a short article on apartment therapy asking “Should You Toss Your Tech Boxes?” I was very excited to hear his answer because my husband and techy friends all save the original packaging their electronics came in. We have boxes stored in our closet, attic, and basement. Whenever I question the logic of keeping all these boxes, my husband and friends tend to spout the same reasoning: We need to keep these boxes just in case we want to return, ship, or sell the item. They believe that keeping the tech packaging is part of the stewardship of owning an electronic device. Between David and his readers, here is the list of criteria they came up with for keeping or tossing your tech boxes: read more

How a Working Mom (and Dad) Survives Halloween

The first Halloween I re-joined the work force after having my children I had an enlightening experience. I worked in an office where I was the only working Mom. I knew that I would have a slightly different view on this venerable haunting holiday but it couldn’t be THAT different…RIGHT? After all my work colleagues surely donned a pirates’ costume or princess tiara when they were little buckaroos…RIGHT? Surely they remembered the exhilaration of dumping out the sugary loot to take stock after a chilly night of candy begging…RIGHT? Well, NO…they were clueless! read more

Keeping Track of Books:

My husband is a librarian and a scholar at heart. He has lots of books.

I have my own collection of books, including a large selection of children’s books to use in my preschool classroom.

Our family loves LibraryThing.

LibraryThing is a  website where you can catalog books. Here are some ways you can use it:

  • My husband has cataloged his entire personal library. This helps him keep from buying duplicates.
  • I tag all my children’s books according to theme. Then when it’s time to get books about fish, I can search my own collection quickly. No need to refamiliarize myself with what’s on my bookshelf.
  • Whenever I find a children’s book that I love, even if I don’t own it, I put it in LibraryThing and tag it with the theme. Then I don’t need to do a catalog search at the public library next time I need to find that cute book about manners.
  • I often hear about books I’d like to read someday. When that happens, I hop on LibraryThing, search for the title or author, add it to my catalog, and tag it “Books to Read.”
  • I’ve heard of people also using LibraryThing to keep track of which books they’ve loaned out.

LibraryThing has a social media component so you can connect with people who are reading the same things you are. You can explore other people’s catalogs and read people’s reviews. I haven’t taken advantage of these features, but they are there. read more

Magnetic Meal Planning Board

I just found this great concept for a Magnetic Meal Planning Board, and I think we might try this in our house.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

It’s a little DIY, but it doesn’t seem too hard. With some magnet paper, a printer, and a magnetic whiteboard calendar on our fridge this might make meal planning each week quick and easy.

Erin W Erin Elizabeth Wells is Founder and CEO of Living Peace LLC of Salem, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at  Or call (617) 519-5693. read more