Product Review: Custom Drawer Dividers

These drawer dividers are a great alternative when traditional drawer organizers do not work.  In working on a desk organizing project with a client, we discovered that the pre-made drawer organizers in stores were either too big or too small.  We wanted to be able to take advantage of as much space as we could.  These custom dividers turned out to be our best option.

The dividers come in long strips and are intended to be scored and cut to size.  Additionally, they come in a few different heights to best accommodate drawer heights.  I was amazed how cleanly the product snapped after scoring it with a razor.  After the strip was cut to size we used the mounts included with the product to hold the dividers in place.  The mounts are self-adhesive, however we opted not to use the adhesive and instead have the tension hold them in place.  The adhesive is a nice option should tension not cut it after a while. read more

A+ Homework Helpers

Try these tips to set up an effective homework spot for your child:

Provide a lap desk if your child likes to do homework in bed.
Clear the desk clutter.  Does your child have a clear space to spread outand work? Remove anything that has piled up on the desk but isn’t related to homework. Have the most-used supplies (pens, pencils, stapler, notepad) out on the desk and ready to go. Make sure your child’s desk has drawers or another spot to keep the less-used school/craft supplies. If your child prefers to work at the kitchen, stash supplies in a cabinet or basket. Have good lighting for the workspace. If your child likes to work on the bed, get a lap desk. Provide a place for the papers. No matter where your child likes to work – desk, bed, or kitchen counter – be sure they have a place to store their school papers. A desktop file works great – label a folder for each class.

Give papers a home with a desktop file.

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What is the Cost of Ownership of Your Stuff?

September brings colder nights, and soon we’ll be turning on the heat.  My family received the depressing news from our plumber that our furnace should be replaced this year or next.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.  What about the joys and cost of owning any item?

Do you agree that it’s easy to accumulate belongings, especially if you have children?  Things, stuff, and junk seem to multiply at a very rapid rate.  Have you ever asked yourself what is the cost of owning all these things, all this stuff, all the junk?  Just like home ownership, I bet it’s not always pleasant to own things.  In fact, just like home ownership, it can be costly. read more

Book Preview: The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

At the end of our last organizing session together, a dear client gave me a parting gift.  It was the book The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, Our Communtities, and Our Health – And a Vision for Change by Annie Leonard.

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m really excited to find a book that addresses the environmental issues that lurk behind the organization/consumption issues that so many of my clients struggle with.  I’m especially looking forward to the “vision for change” that the author incorporates into the book. read more