Organizing the Garage Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Organizing a garage can seem like a daunting task, especially when the space has become a dumping ground for the family as it is often the gateway to our indoor living space. Before jumping in, plan ahead; what purpose should your garage serve?

  • To create an open and easy-to-utilize storage area for all outdoor activities?
  • Is it to have the ability to use the space as it was originally intended, to store the car(s)?
  • Or are you converting it to be a workshop?

Three Easy Steps for Organizing the Garage

1.  With your end goals in mind, create zones for your different types of items (Such as gardening, tools, toys etc.).

2.  Then create aisles, and keep them clear.

3.  Finally, get items off the floor for easy maintenance and cleaning, which will reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the house. read more

Shopping from your cabinets

When my pantry gets a little too full I look at what I have and make a meal plan based upon the contents before buying more food. Often times I get almost a week’s worth of dinners from the food. This prevents my pantry and refrigerator from becoming too full. When either space gets packed it is hard to see what is on hand and duplicates are bought by mistake. I like to “shop and cook” from my cabinets and fridge about once per month instead of buying ingredients according to a menu I have already created. read more

Craft Organizing: Toilet Bowl Brush as Crafty Clean-Up Tool

Did you ever think there may be an alternative use for a toilet bowl brush other than scrubbing the toilet?  There actually is!

The tight, coarse bristles on the brush work well to pick up stray pieces of string on carpets.

This is especially helpful for quilters who are often cutting small pieces of string that don’t always make it into the trash can.

As I mentioned in a video blog about craft room organizingone of the biggest parts of keeping your craft space organized is spending a few minutes after your crafting session to clean up your project.  Making your craft space clean and orderly will help you stay focused and feel more productive at the next session.  Doing a little cleaning of the carpet will help you feel as cleaned up as you can be. read more

Efficient Use of Bathroom Space

The bathroom is typically one of the smallest spaces in a home that is used very frequently.  Therefore, it is important to store only the essential items used in this space to create a feeling of ampleness.

To organize the shower/tub area:

  • install a non corrosive, tempered-glass shelf on the wall opposite the shower head.
  • The shelf can hold all shower/bath toiletries currently in use, while keeping them dry, accessible and clean.
  • read more