Store Craft Projects in Clear Sweater Bags

Organizing and containing crafts is a part of several of my client’s worlds.  One trick I learned years ago from my mum is to reuse the plastic bags that new linens come in.  They have a nice zipper top (usually) and best of all, they are clear for easy viewingof the project being contained.

Clear Sweater Bag

Another great idea I learned from a client is to use clear garment bags intended for sweaters.  These bags also have a sturdy zipper and can be labeled with your label maker.  Ideal projects to be stored in bags like this would be small sewing projects, knitting projects (especially if you have a kitty who likes to run off with the yarn!), stamping and paper crafts, I could go on…

The thing I like about these bags, is that if there are only a few items needing to be contained, they can safely be kept together, but will not take up the excess space of a box.  The bags can be stacked on each other or side by side.  I also love that when the project is done, the bag can be reused!

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