Home Organizing: Board Games

I recently met a family who has dozens and dozens of board games that they like to play with friends. The problem is that when they want to play, they can’t remember what all their choices are.

So I suggested two things:

1.  Keep all the board games together. Currently, the games are stored in at least four different locations. Bringing them all together will ultimately make them easier to find and, therefore, to enjoy.

2. Create a visual catalog of the games. Use a digital camera or the internet to get photos of each game box. Then create a print-out of all the pictures, put them in a binder or folder, and store it with other entertainment options (movies, video games, etc). read more

Don’t bring it home

When we are away from home and the clutter it is easy to buy something and think it will fit right in at the house.  But our homes are so often filled with these types of items, the impulse purchases we make because we couldn’t resist acquiring them.  A huge part of clutter management involves being brutally stringent about what comes through the door.

When you are out and about and something catches your eye ask yourself these questions before you walk away with a new trinket…

  • “Do I truly need this?  Can I live without it?  Is this thing necessary for me to live my life?”
  • “Do I have a place for this item to reside?”

You must be honest from the beginning.  If you answered “no” to any of the questions above the item should not find a home with you!  If you absolutely need to bring something back and space is limited decide before you leave the store what item at home can go to make room for the new purchase. read more

Store Craft Projects in Clear Sweater Bags

Organizing and containing crafts is a part of several of my client’s worlds.  One trick I learned years ago from my mum is to reuse the plastic bags that new linens come in.  They have a nice zipper top (usually) and best of all, they are clear for easy viewingof the project being contained.

Clear Sweater Bag

Another great idea I learned from a client is to use clear garment bags intended for sweaters.  These bags also have a sturdy zipper and can be labeled with your label maker.  Ideal projects to be stored in bags like this would be small sewing projects, knitting projects (especially if you have a kitty who likes to run off with the yarn!), stamping and paper crafts, I could go on… read more

Basic Organizing: Keeping Track of Your Keys

I confess that I’ve had to work hard at keeping track of my keys.

At home, they always go on the hook right inside the door. That’s worked well for years.  But I’ve had trouble keeping track of my keys when I’m not at home. Just put them in your purse, right?  Well, I have this ginormous bag for work, and I was always losing my keys in its deep recesses. I was always hunting, hunting, hunting for those silly keys.

Here are my solutions for never losing keys:

Assign Keys a Permanent Home in Your BagI assigned one of the outside pockets as the home for my keys.  Nothing else!  Just the keys.  Which pocket, you ask?  Well, the one with the label on it!  That’s where my keys live in my bag.  Not in any of the deep inside pockets.  Only in the outside pocket with the label on it. read more

Craft Organizing: Store Knitting Needles in Hanging File Folders

You may have several sets of favorite knitting needles, but organizing them for easy access and clean-up can be a challenge.

Here is a crafty organizing idea a client of mine came up with:

  1. Buy a portable file caddy
  2. Add hanging file folders
  3. Label each file tab with a needle number
  4. Group needle sets in labeled plastic bags or wrap them together with a rubber band
  5. File your needles!

Sets are now easily organized in individual file folders according to categories of size. When you need size 5 needles,you’ll know how to quickly find them and return them when you’re done.

If you would prefer to organize your needles by material type as well, you can add a descriptor to your tab. It would look like this: 5 – bamboo. This system can be as flexible or specific as you want. read more

Photo Organizing- NAPO-NE Video Tip

Amanda Darlack, Professional Organizer with Living Peace, offers tips for organizing digital photos.

Amanda Darlack is a Professional Organizer with Living Peace LLC of Salem, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at www.living-peace.com.  Or call (617) 519-5693.

Laundry Organizing: No More Single Socks! Sock Pro Sock Clips to the Rescue

If you told me even five years ago that I would be writing a blog recommending Sock Clips I would have said you were crazy!

I grew up familiar with this product as my father swears by them.  They ensure that his socks stay paired through the washing, drying, and folding process. They’re a great product for laundry organizing.

The clips work by pinching two socks together at the toe (my father always did them at the top of the sock, I’m sure it does not matter) and securely holds them together so you don’t have a laundry basket full of single socks.  My father would then store his socks in the drawer with the clips still attached – no need to fold them. read more