Car Travel Season is Upon Us! Is your Car Ready?

Millions of Americans will hit the roads this Summer and Memorial Day weekend officially kicks off the Summer travel season.  While it looks like most of us live in our cars these days, make sure your car is clutter-free, prepared and well-organized before heading out on the great open highways.

Here are some tips to get your car road ready:

Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance!  Be sure to check that your car is running properly by checking the fluids, brakes, tires (don’t forget the spare!) hoses, belts, and of course, air-conditioning prior to departure.

It is important to make sure your car is equipped with an emergency kit.  Items in this kit should include flares, a flashlight, jumper cables, ice scraper, first-aid kit and a blanket. You may also want to keep a small supply of facial tissues, a roll of paper towels and bottled water. If you are traveling with pets, make sure you pack extra water and pet food.

Keep the driver’s side clutter-free and make sure maps or GPS is easily accessible.  Store these items in the glove box or in the side door pocket.

Buy a travel-sized trash can and keep it in your car. This will keep your car litter free and when you stop for gas, simply throw out the bag of trash.

Invest in back of the seat organizers to house young children’s supplies and toys.  The children can easily reach in and grab what they want without distracting you- the driver, to get it for them.

Prevent items from sliding around in the trunk with trunk trays or crates.  This will also come in handy when transporting items from the car into your home or final destination.

Lastly, have fun! Road trips are a great time to bond with your friends or family. Car travel is a great way to experience an adventure and see the beauty of the open road.

Happy Driving!

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