Don’t Forget Your Library!

I am shocked to see just how many books people keep in their homes and just how infrequently those books are actually referenced.  Don’t forget that you have a library!  They are everywhere and most are free to join.  The amount of resources are abundant and – the best part? You don’t have to find a place for the book in your home when you are done with it!

Be honest with yourself, are you really going to read that book again? It might be a nice thought, but think how many other books there are and how many more are arriving each day.  Just try it. I think you’ll like it (and find some more money in your pocket too)! read more

Using Categories to Simplify Your Filing System

Do you have a drawer full of files but can’t find the one you want?

Do you have your files alphabetized but you can’t remember what you named a particular file?

Have you ever made a new file and then realized you had one already (but just didn’t remember)?

Solution: Sort your files into categories.

When we group like-files together, they are easier to find and use.

Categories can vary from person to person, depending on how we each think.

There are no right or wrong categories.  What really matters is that your categories make sense to you and you know where to look for a particular file. For example, the way I file insurance information is different from how one of my client thinks to look for her insurance files.  She has a separate “Insurance” category, but I think of my renter’s insurance as part of “Home,” my health insurance as part of “Medical,” and my car insurance as part of “Automobiles.” read more

Is a Bigger House More Organized than a Little House?

I have been working with a client in a small home with four family members.  She often comments on how small the house is and “how it would be easier to be organized if she had more space.”  I had to break the news to her that I highly doubted that her home would be more organized if it were larger. She and her family would simply find more things to keep in the home.

I feel it is almost to her advantage to have a smaller home.  The size limitation forces the need to keep the clutter to a minimum.  This message seemed to make sense to her, and I give the message with full confidence.  I have seen larger homes that are filled to the brim because the homeowner can get away with accumulating for a longer period of time. Due to the small size of my client’s home, she felt the need to get organized sooner than if her home was larger. read more

Emergency Preparations- September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

Did you know that September is National Disaster Preparedness Month?

I decided that I would share what we are doing to be a bit more prepared for what might come.

Here’s our list:

  • Gather flashlights and check batteries.
  • Fill all pitchers and water bottles with boiled or filtered water.
  • Charge all portable electronics- cell phones, laptops, kindle, extra battery pack case for my iPhone.
  • Fill bathtub with water to flush the toilet or cook.
  • Confirm we have matches to light our gas stove.
  • Get batteries for my boombox- as our source of radio transmissions.
  • Do all laundry and dishes in case of long-term power outage.
  • Put collars on my cats and decide where and how they will weather the storm (probably in a closet w/ food, water, and a litterbox).
  • Remove window A/C Units.
  • Talk to neighbors and remove all loose items from the area that might get picked up and tossed around by the storm.
  • Secure anything I’d be heartbroken to lose: my cats, our computers & printer, my journals & capture books.
  • read more

    Tips for Filing Your Taxes

    No, I can’t offer many tips for making sense out of your 1040, but I can help you with coming up with a system for keeping your tax-related paperwork organized.

    What you’ll need:

  • hanging exterior file folders (9)
  • interior file folders (9)
  • Banker’s boxes (just 1 if you don’t have much tax-related paperwork each year; 7 if you do)
  • read more