Disconnect To Be More Productive

We live in a culture and society where distractions abound. Families sit down to have dinner and the TV is on. People go to the theater to see a movie and spend a good portion of the movie texting a friend. We often don’t give others our undivided attention, continuing to work on the computer as they speak to us. We are bombarded by distractions through out the day.

This carries over into every aspect of our life, including organization and managing our time. Have you ever begun a project, only to have another task or person catch your attention? When you finally remember what you were doing, all momentum is lost and you have made little progress on the original project.

When you are trying to accomplish a particular task, whether it is organizing your desk or working on a project, be sure to disconnect and limit the distractions you think will come. Tell others around you that you will be unavailable for a half hour. Put your phone on silent and do not answer it for a short time.

Then, choose not to use distractions as a tool to procrastinate. When a task or project becomes difficult it is easy to look for a diversion, something to take your attention so you feel justified in not continuing your work. Many people check their email constantly, trying to delay and put off the work they know they need to accomplish. Make an effort to focus, and do not look for ways to stall projects that are uncomfortable and hard.

By limiting distractions from the outside and from the inside you will find yourself being much more productive and effective.

Rebecca Osborne
A Spacious Place

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