Re-purposing: Those Hidden Gems in your Kitchen

My mom taught me how to re-purpose before it was fashionable.  Below are tips and tricks to help you re-purpose and save money.  By the way, I still use these tips and tricks to this day…

1.  Peanut butter and jam jars– are great for storing legumes and pasta.  To get rid of the label- fill a pot with water, put jar in the middle.  Heat the water but be careful it doesn’t get too hot otherwise the jar may crack. Watch as the water heats up, you will notice the paper and glue begin to melt.  Take the jar out and pull the label off.    Clean jar with soapy water to remove paper and glue.  Viola!  You have a ‘new’ jar!

2. Plastic bags from loafs of bread, muffins and other baked goods.  These are great to use again for sandwiches and to cover dishes that the entire meal hasn’t been eaten.

3. Plastic twisties-great to use again for the above.

4. Plastic containers from store– deli, yogurt, cheese tubs.  Yes- clear plastic containers for leftovers are ideal.  But, these containers can be re-purposed with leftovers too, as long as you label them clearly.

Zele Avradopoulos, owner of ZOrganize- Professional Organizing Services for Homes and Home-based Offices,

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