A Fresh Perspective

I have found a common trend when going into a client’s home for the first time.  When we as organizers offer suggestions about moving or removing furniture in order to make more space, the clients are surprised by the ideas.  When we live in a space day after day, we often overlook the options for improvement. Even a friend may not be able to offer a fresh perspective if the friend is familiar with the space.

If you are feeling stumped with a space, consider bringing in a fresh set of eyes to give you a new perspective.  While we as organizers are not interior designers, we can offer suggestions about how furniture may or may not be working in the space.  We can then take the work a step further and help you to keep only the items that you want to be surrounded by. read more

Benefits of Getting Organized: Sense of Homecoming

“As you begin to get organized, you feel more and more confident in your ability to incorporate order into your life…You will begin to have a sense of homecoming.  When you come “home,” whether to your house, your office, or even your car, you will becomeenergized and engaged rather than depressed…You may experiece a sense of grace and peacefulness because you are not struggling so hard to get to a place on time or to meet deadlines.  Your blood pressure may go down.  You will wrestle less with bills, receipts, phone calls, and e-mails.  You can find a deeper sense of the sacred.” read more

Disconnect To Be More Productive

We live in a culture and society where distractions abound. Families sit down to have dinner and the TV is on. People go to the theater to see a movie and spend a good portion of the movie texting a friend. We often don’t give others our undivided attention, continuing to work on the computer as they speak to us. We are bombarded by distractions through out the day.

This carries over into every aspect of our life, including organization and managing our time. Have you ever begun a project, only to have another task or person catch your attention? When you finally remember what you were doing, all momentum is lost and you have made little progress on the original project. read more

Re-purposing: Those Hidden Gems in your Kitchen

My mom taught me how to re-purpose before it was fashionable.  Below are tips and tricks to help you re-purpose and save money.  By the way, I still use these tips and tricks to this day…

1.  Peanut butter and jam jars– are great for storing legumes and pasta.  To get rid of the label- fill a pot with water, put jar in the middle.  Heat the water but be careful it doesn’t get too hot otherwise the jar may crack. Watch as the water heats up, you will notice the paper and glue begin to melt.  Take the jar out and pull the label off.    Clean jar with soapy water to remove paper and glue.  Viola!  You have a ‘new’ jar! read more

Repurpose Plastic Containers That Have Become Lid-Less

When a plastic container becomes lid-less, it doesn’t have to be the end for the container.  Consider repurposing it to hold small drink packet mixes, or seasoning mixes.  This will help keep your cabinets free of loose packets.

Alternatively, if the lid-less container is large enough, it could be used to hold cleaning supplies under a counter.  Be creative, it doesn’t have to be the end for the lid-less container!

Hillary Adams CaseHillary Adams Case is a Professional Organizer with Living Peace LLC of Salem, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at www.living-peace.com.  Or call (617) 519-5693. read more

How to Spend Less on Gifts but Make Sure You Give Them What They Want

Are you looking for a way to simplify and save money when giving gifts?

Last year, we tried something new with my husband’s side of the family.  Because finances were tight for all of us, we all agreed to buy just one gift for someone else in the family. We drew names (and it couldn’t be our significant other) and set a price limit.   But – and this is the beauty part – everyone had to fill out a wishlist on Amazon.com.  That way we could each be sure that what we were giving (and receiving) was something “good.” read more