“Do I need to keep this paper?” Six questions to ask yourself

From time to time, we all ask ourselves, “Do I really need to keep this paper?”  Here are six questions, based on Judith Kohlberg’s “Gathering Guidelines,” to help you make that decision.

  1. Do I know or understand this already?
  2. Am I still interested in knowing this?
  3. Is a better, fresher version of this likely to come in the next three months?
  4. If I will use this info, will I need it before it goes out of date?
  5. Can I deal with any regret I may have if I throw it away?
  6. Can I get this information someplace else?

Amanda Darlack is a Professional Organizer with Living Peace LLC of Beverly Farms, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at www.living-peace.com.  Or call (617) 519-5693.

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