Repurpose a Dishwasher Silverware Rack

If you are replacing your dishwasher, consider keeping the silverware rack from the old dishwasher.  This can be a great tool to keep art supplies orderly on a desk or craft table.  Markers and large paint brushes would keep from falling through the mesh design of the rack.  Tubes and small bottles of paint can also rest nicely in the rack.  Having haldles makes the rack easy to move if crafts are done in different places of the home too.  Be creative!  What else can be done with an old dishwasher silverware rack? read more

“Do I need to keep this paper?” Six questions to ask yourself

From time to time, we all ask ourselves, “Do I really need to keep this paper?”  Here are six questions, based on Judith Kohlberg’s “Gathering Guidelines,” to help you make that decision.

  • Do I know or understand this already?
  • Am I still interested in knowing this?
  • Is a better, fresher version of this likely to come in the next three months?
  • If I will use this info, will I need it before it goes out of date?
  • Can I deal with any regret I may have if I throw it away?
  • Can I get this information someplace else?
  • read more

    Tip For Sewers: Keep Bobbins From Unraveling When Not in Use

    If you are a sewer, you know the mess bobbins can make with thread coming out of them when not in use.  For those unfamiliar with sewing, the bobbin is a small spool that holds the lower thread in the sewing machine.  When not being used in the sewing machine, prevent the bobbins from unraveling by putting a soft hair tie around it.  Using the hair ties intended for infant hair will fit comfortably around the bobbin without having to twist the hair tie.  The hair ties can be easily acquired from the health and beauty department of any drugstore.  For the sewer, this is a simple pleasure that will keep supplies in order! read more

    The Organizing Process: More than Just Throwing Things Away

    Have you ever tried to get organized simply by throwing things away?

    Many people get fed up with the clutter in their homes and start chucking things, thinking that by having some space back they are more organized.  But in a few months, the clutter has returned.  It’s not that their organization system failed; it’s just that they were never organized in the first place.

    Yes, getting organized includes weeding your belongings, but that is just one step in a whole process.  Each step is key to establishing a functional and lasting system. read more

    Quick Ideas to Organize Art Projects

    While it is impossible and impractical to save every art project your kids create, it is a good idea to keep some projects to remember the year.  Here are a few ideas to organize children’s art projects;

    1.  Take digital photos or scan each child’s artwork and create an online scrapbook.  You can take it a step further and create a poster or photo book to remember the year.  Sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly make it easy.

    2.  Keep a portfolio – I actually use a combination of digital and portfolio.  I place artwork throughout the year in a portfolio for each of my girls.  At the end of the year we weed through them together and I then take photos of what we decide to keep. read more