Work from Home? Three Ways to Keep Work from Taking Over

When I was a little girl, my family came up with a motto: “We like it when we’re home.  We do not like it when we are not home.”  I am a home-body through and through.  I love working from home. I love working late at night when my body is naturally more awake.  I love being able to eat lunch at home.  I love being able to take a break by taking a nap on the couch.

But as I’ve been working from home more and more lately, I’ve realized that I’ve been letting the boundary between work time and home time get blurry. It’s been gradual and unintentional, but it’s resulted in a pervasive sense of anxiety.  By not giving myself permission to be “off duty” even though I didn’t physically leave the office and drive home, I wasn’t allowing myself the down time which we all need to do well at our jobs. read more

Benefit to Getting Organized Number 2745: Less Stress

I don’t know anyone who wakes up in the morning, opens the curtains, and greets the day with a hearty “Gee, I really hope I have more stress today.” We all desire stress-free lives; in fact, multi-million dollar companies are founded and sustained on just that premise. But who has time for less stress?

A lot of people view the organizing process as something they know they need to do, or should do, but cannot make time in their busy busy lives for it. They see it as overly time-consuming, or perhaps overly expensive. And when one’s life is ruled by time and money (or the lack thereof), setting aside any amount of either thing seems overwhelming and stress-producing. And in a way, they are right. read more

Home Office Cable Management: Untangle Yourself with Great New Gadgets

I have been a big fan of 3M’s (the Scotch® tape and Post-It® note people) Command® line of removable hooks and clips for many years. No nail holes or marks left on your walls.

3M Command Cord Hanger
3M Command Cord Hanger

Shopping for some Command hooks for my own office, I discovered 3M now has several new products, including a cable organizer.

The cable organizer helps you bundle and hang electrical cords and cables out of the way. Cable bundles can be attached to a wall or the hidden side of desks. They can be used in offices, studios, workshops or behind your entertainment system. You can learn more about 3M cable organizers here. And while you are visiting their website, mouse over to the left and click on “home office” to see a short video about other office organizing tools. read more

It’s a Family Affair

When organizing a home occupied by many family members, it is critical that all members be on board to help with the organizing changes.  Organizing involves habit and lifestyle changes.  To maintain the new habits, everyone has to be aware of what needs to be done and on what schedule. Communication is key.

Keep the lines of communication open in the family.  If one member of the family is working with an organizer, it is essential that he/she transfers skills and ideas to the other family members in a timely manner.  There is nothing worse than attempting a major change in your home only to have it sabotaged because others are not on board due to lack of knowledge. read more

Oh happy day! Post-It Brand Removable Labels!

The sticky note has become one of those indespensible tools for both home and office.  But sticky notes have their limitations.  Sometimes that little strip of temporary adhesive just isn’t enough.  Post-It has solved the problem.  Removable labels!

And not just in one size or in one color.  Post-It has made labels in many colors and in virtually every size (from a small round label to a full-sized 8.5″ x 11″ sheet label).  And of course there are templates available for the file folder labels and the name tag labels so you can run them through your printer. read more

Manage Email So It Does Not Manage You

Business and home email communication have a tendency to be overwhelming and disorganized. So many of my clients are frustrated by the volume of email they receive and the difficulty they have finding important messages in a packed inbox. There are a few simple guidelines I use to help others and myself keep emailing clean, organized and simple.

1) Do not sign up for every offer and newsletter available. This is like putting your name on a list for paper junk mail. Only subscribe to a publication if you have time to read it, want to read it and want it taking up space in your inbox. read more

A Professional Organizer & Her Clothes Closet

Into every life a little organization must fall, even a professional organizer’s. There are several areas of my home that are due for a tune up.

What most people don’t recognize is that organizing isn’t something that you do once and are eternally done. Your life and your systems change. Your needs change. You bring more stuff into your world and thus need to take the time to decide what is ready to be removed.

Exploring my clothes closets:
This week, it was my bedroom closet that was in need of some love and attention. Still containing shirts, sweaters, and shoes left over from my college days (ok that’s about 10 years ago for me folks…don’t get too excited,) my closet has been in need of some updating and weeding out for some time. With the assistance of an image consultant (Margaret Batting,, who’s helping me to bring my wardrobe into alignment with my current work and life, yesterday I spent 4 hours weeding through every piece of clothing I own. read more