Clean and Organized Makeup

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, but there are a few things that you can get do to get a jump start on the process.  Begin now by weeding through all of your cosmetics and toiletries.  Pay particular attention to make certain your makeup brushes are either cleaned properly or replaced.  Makeup can be germ central, so give it a good cleaning.

1.  Brushes need to be cleaned or replaced.  I like to use I.D. Well cared for by Bare Escentuals once per month, (link below).  You can also use any mild detergent on a good brush.

2.  Basic guidelines say that powders can be good up to 2 years.  Lipsticks 1-2 years but if it smells funny or rancid – toss it.  If you use a foundation then it probably won’t last more than 18 months.  Pencils and liners last  3 years if you sharpen them regularly.  Mascara needs to be rotated out about every 4 months.  Nail polish should last about a year.

3.  If you haven’t used it recently then you probably won’t – so let it go!

4.  Tipnut has a great resource for makeup brush cleaners and care.

Kristin Lindstrom is the owner of Savvy Spaces by Kristin and specializes in organizing families, small businesses and home offices. Her blog is The Imperfect Home.

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