Balancing Social Media

Facebook and other forms of social media have become a standard means of communication in most households.  As a business owner and a marginally tech savvy parent, I do see the value and the importance of learning and using these tools…within limits.   What guidelines have you established within your home to make certain that it has not become a drain on your time?   Have you stopped to consider how many times you’ve ended up on your computer instead of completing a task or even taking a minute for yourself? read more

Break It Down, Write It Down

After the rush of getting married, a honeymoon, a name change and finding homes for the gifts, we are left with the task of writing the thank you letters to our guests.  Contrary to many people, I do not mind writing thank you letters.  In fact, the wording comes rather effortlessly for me.

Regardless of the ease I find in writing the letters, sitting down to do them all at once is neither realistic or appealing to me.  Instead I have put it on my task list to write five thank you letters per week.  Breaking down the task and holding myself accountable for making progress I am more likely to finish the letters. read more

Consequences: Eating and Organizing

I just got back from a week’s vacation and my clothes are feeling a little tight.

The truth is my eating habits have been sliding for a while and the vacation just seemed to seal the deal.

When I think of my meal choices and how little excercise I’ve been doing, I know I shouldn’t be surprised.  But, SURPRISE!  I am.  Isn’t that funny?  It’s like part of my brain that relates to food has still not come to grips with the fact that my actions have consequences.

The truth is, if you eat like a little piggy and you don’t excercise, you will gain weight. read more

The Honor of Sharing Space

As organizers, it is important to be ever mindful of the fact that we are being given the privilege, the honor, of sharing not just physical space with our clients, but mental, emotional, and spiritual space.  And it is that space, the intangible space, which actually matters more.

I had the recent opportunity to work with a woman who had done a lot of moving around and had finally landed, but needed assistance in getting her new home in order.  As we worked through some logistics of what could go where and began the process of organizing her files, it became clear that she was feeling some insecurities and apprehension.  Some of her uncertainty revolved around making sure she got what she needed and that everything would have a place.  But her deeper uncertainties, which became clear with each question she asked, were about herself and her ability to really change her systems and realize her deep-seated goals. read more

Tolerations- What’s Draining You?

The plug in my bathroom sink is broken. You know… that round silver thing in the bottom that allows you to plug the drain. It stays closed by default and will no longer magically lift when I pull on the lever behind the faucet. This unhappy fact become true a few weeks ago after several months of annoyingly trying to prop it, turn it, lift it to make sure that my toothpaste water would actually drain.

Why am I telling you about this? Because it’s a perfect example of a “toleration,” one of those slightly annoying issues that most of us just pretend to ignore every day. As organizers, we see them all the time. Other examples include: read more

Intangible Gifts

I compiled a list to offer as an alternative to giving ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ for the holidays. Let’s face it who really needs more ‘stuff’ that others choose for us? What about the children in our lives, do they really need more ‘things’, and do you really want to make more space in your home for all those ‘things’? As a way to reduce clutter and eliminate waste, I’d like to suggest intangible or consumable gifts for the holidays. read more