What is Your Biggest Dream?

Create a Lifestyle, not an Outcome.

We all have fantasies about lifestyles we wish we could have. Perhaps it’s wandering the world to eat exotic cuisine, living in a cottage in Scotland, or cruising a boat around the Caribbean. What if you decided TODAY to make that dream happen?

The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Here’s an interview with a couple who have been living their dream on a boat sailing around the Caribbean for years. Take a look, and get inspired.

Her advice: “Don’t view it as an impossible dream, see if there’s a way you can make a plan and put it into action.” read more

Three Tips for Conquering Big Projects

My husband and I moved this summer and we systematically sorted through all our things and weeding what we didn’t need anymore/didn’t want to carry up three flights of stairs into the new apartment.

My husband has many, many books.  (Books are heavy!)  He’s also a librarian, so he sorted through his books and picked out the ones he could easily get where he works.  He weeded out over 100 books.

These books sat in piles in our already cramped home for a couple weeks.  I could tell that my husband had lost steam on the project and was not…enthusiastic…about actually getting the books out of the house.  So here’s what we did: read more

Just Start Somewhere

Years ago, I worked in a bookstore and the manager asked me to create a large display.  He said I could be as creative as I wanted to be, just make sure it reflected the season (which happened to be Spring).  At first, I was excited.  I consider myself to be fairly creative and was eager to get to it.  I cleaned off the shelving and display area, brought in a bunch of books, stationery, and knick-knacks that the store sold regularly.  I stood back and surveyed my “canvas.”

I stood there a good long time.  Nothing was coming to mind.  My mind was completely blank.  I had absolutely no idea how to start.  The longer I stood there, the more anxious and frustrated I got.  And the more pressure I put on myself to make it just right, the less I could actually think. read more

Autumn Organizing

The leaves and temperatures are falling, and before you know it the gift giving season will be upon us. Before that happens why not take the opportunity to organize two areas in which autumn is the perfect time to work, your attic and garage. The temperatures, now, are just right for tackling these two areas, and once you’re finished you’ll be ready for packages, gift bags, and bows.
Your attic and garage are the typical storage areas in your home and are usually filled with a variety of items. Therefore, when it’s time to organize them, you are faced with making decisions about items that you don’t want, but aren’t sure how to get rid of, and on items that you think you should save, just in case. I’d like to offer some solutions.
First of all, getting rid of items safely can be time consuming and troublesome, but with a bit of effort you can make it happen. read more

An Organizer Buddy: 6 Reasons NOT to Organize Alone

Whether you’re reorganizing your kitchen, garage, clothes closet, or filing system, having someone there to help you get it done can be invaluable. No matter whether that person is a professional organizer, a neighbor, or your best friend, consider these benefits to finding your organizer buddy.

  1. Finish Faster -with 2 people working you’ll be done twice as fast.
  2. Share the Laughs– when you trip over that box for the third time, discover the crazy gag gift from your college birthday party, or find the 12th bottle of toothpaste (did you really think you were running out again?!?), working with an organizer buddy means you will automatically have someone to laugh and share it with.
  3. Share the Pain– Whether physical labor or emotional upset, digging through years of your personal history can be taxing, frightening, grueling, and overwhelming. Having a witness and partner in the experience can definitely ease the burden.
  4. Stay Focused– It’s so easy to start a project sometimes, but sticking with it to get it done can be a real challenge. With an organizer buddy whose main job is to keep you focused on getting it done, you can actually keep working and make genuine process for longer.
  5. Accountability-If your project will take more than a single afternoon (which most of them do, BTW), then having someone else share your goal and check-in on your progress can be a great motivator.
  6. Fresh Eyes– You see your world everyday through the same mindset and routines. Your buddy might have new ideas or suggestions that could make your everyday life easier.

Organizing is almost always better together than alone. Just make sure your buddy is understanding, compassionate, and motivated to help you succeed.

Erin Elizabeth Wells is the CEO and founder of Living Peace LLC of Beverly Farms, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at www.living-peace.com.  Or call (617) 519-5693. read more

Benefits of Getting Organized: Creating External and Internal Space

Have you ever walked into a room and had an immediate visceral response to the disorganization and clutter?  You may have felt anything from disgusted, to uncomfortable, to agitated, to downright panicky.

Now imagine it is YOU whose daily life is surrounded by such disarray.  Clutter of any magnitude doesn’t just happen overnight; it accumulates.  And probably the person living with chronic disorganization doesn’t even realize or can adequately verbalize how it happened.  All they know is that it is slowly day by day taking up more space – both physical space in the home or office, and emotional space as they search for a clear “counter” on which to lay some peace.

In short, the chaos is competing with the contentment.
read more

Benefits of Getting Organized: Daily Living Made Easier

I want to share a few true stories from my experiences with clients about how being organized can make your day-to-day living less hectic.

Being Organized Saves Time in the Mornings
Sam’s morning routine became much more manageable when we organized his 5-year-old son’s clothes.  When we began working together, his son had no dresser and his clothes were piled in the seat of a rocking chair.  Finding appropriate clothes for his son each morning was nerve-wracking…not a nice way to start the day.  Now his son can choose his own clothes very easily because each category of clothing has its own drawer in a dresser, which we picked out together. read more