Helping Your Kids Get Organized

It can be a frustrating battle when you attempt to “organize” your kids. Many times they are reluctant to change, and all the containers you buy and systems you create go unused. Helping a child (young or teen) achieve balance and order in their surroundings cannot be done by sheer force. They need to be actively involved in every aspect of the process and then given expectations for how their things will be taken care after the initial cleanse is complete.

-First, let them purge with you. Ask the hard questions, like when was the last time they really wore that article of clothing or when they last used an old toy. Try to put everything in a positive light. Explain that in order for them to have room for the stuff they really, really want, other items will have to leave or be stored elsewhere. Do not go through your older child’s belongings alone…they will feel as if their opinions do not matter and become reluctant to change. read more

Being Organized=More Money In Your Pocket

How can being organized save you money?  Here are just a few ways:

1.  Inventory: Knowing what you have for food and toiletries will prevent you from buying excess.

2.  Comfort: Being in a clean and organized home will encourage you to stay home rather than out spending.

3.  Deadlines: Having access to bills and a system to pay them will prevent costly late charges.

How else has being organized saved you money?

Hillary Adams Case is an Professional Organizer with Living Peace LLC out of Beverly Farms, MA and Winchester, MA.  Check us out at read more

Celebrating 10-10-10

10 Things To Donate/Discard/Sell

In 10 Different Ways
To 10 Different Organizations

To celebrate this historic event – the tenth day of the tenth month in the year twentyTEN, this blog is dedicated to “10 Things To Donate/Discard/Sell In 10 Different Ways To 10 Different Organizations.”

Usually when I work with clients on a decluttering project, I set up three areas or bags/boxes in the middle of the room and start from one corner and work around the room without distraction to the flow. The three containment areas are dedicated to: Trash, Keep, and Donate/Discard/Sell which is the focus of this piece. read more

Ten Tips to Help Your Child with Homework

Is your child spending hours doing homework and then struggling to get up the next morning? With the first quarter coming to an end you will be able to see what grades all that studying has produced. Is the time spent reflected in the grades? If not, here are ten tips to help you help your child with homework.

1. Have your child start their homework within 30 minutes of arriving home from school.  Waiting until after dinner only makes the brain work harder since the body is working to digest dinner. read more