How to Organize Your Summer Photos to Make Room for Back-to-School Needs

Jennifer Niloff, Everpresent

August is coming to a close. Teachers and parents have been preparing for the inevitable return of the school year as children soak up as much water and sunshine as they can before it’s back to their books. As you’re buying new clothes and school supplies, don’t forget to take care of your photos. You’ll need space on your phones for the first day of school, new friends, art projects, field trips and more. We’re providing an easy one-two-three to make sure you’re prepared to finish the summer organized and to get started on your end of the summer photo projects. read more

Back Up Your Digital Photos

I can’t tell you how many parents I know whose computers have crashed and have lost hundreds of photos of their children’s early years.  When it happens, it kinda makes you sick to your stomach.

So I have a personal policy that my special photos must be stored somewhere besides my personal computer.

I usually burn the photos to a CD or DVD, but I don’t see this as a fail-safe plan because they would be destroyed if the house burnt down. (I know, I’m a little paranoid.)

To resolve this I have an account with Shutterfly and upload my special photos there.  (Snapfish is another option.)  There is no cost and no limit to how many photos I can store there.  If, heaven forbid, the computer crashes or the house burns down, they are safe.  I could download them or have an archive CD created and shipped to me. read more