3 Simple Ways to Make Your House Guest Friendly

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner now is a great time to scrutinize your home with the eyes of a guest. I have listed three rooms that are focal points while entertaining and can play a large role in hospitality:

1) The entry– Make sure it is clear and easy for people to move through. You do not want your guests to feel as though clutter is leaning in over them as they enter your house. Create a home for all your jackets and shoes, and set up an area where you can quickly hang visitors’ jackets. read more

Holiday Decorations: To Keep or Not to Keep?

It’s that time of year. On the day after Thanksgiving, we pull out our holiday decorations. If you’re like me, you have certain things that you just love! A beautiful glass ornament that my grandmother gave me or a snow globe I found it in a little shop in Germany. They have emotional and sentimental value. If you’re like me, you also have items that you no longer use. Strings of lights I haven’t put on the shrubs in years or plug-in window candles that I’ve replaced with a battery operated version. But I carry them down from the attic year after year and then repack and store them again at the end of the season. read more