Downsizing Your Home Library

I worked with a woman recently who had accumulated a fairly large home library over the years.  Because her library had out-grown her bookcases, she had little stacks of books all over her house.  Novels waiting to be read were neatly stacked on the bottom shelf of her night stand.  Business-related books were stacked up in her home office.  Her husband’s sports trivia books were piled on the shelf underneath their coffee table in the family living.  Finally, technology caught up to her.  Two years ago, she bought a Kindle and her library became irrelevant – especially that stack of books waiting to be read! read more

The Secret Weapon for Constant Decluttering: The Donation Box

In my closet, I have a very important box.  Depending on the time of year, it can range from completely empty to completely full.  I love this box because it helps me in my quest to keep our home clutter-free.  It’s my Donation Box.

Right now, inside my donation box are:

  • some decorative items that we no longer love (but are still in good shape)
  • electronic equipment that we don’t use anymore but could be really helpful to someone else
  • some clean clothes that no longer fit

On the outside of my Donation Box is a label with the phone number of a charity which picks up my donations.  As soon as the box is full, I call the number on the label to schedule a pick-up.  Then, I put the label with the phone number on a new box and put it in the closet to collect any future donations. read more