Monthly Meeting (visitors welcome) — Eileen Dacey presents “Understanding and Working with Hoarding Behaviors”

April 9, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm America/New York Timezone
Boston/Waltham Embassy Suites
550 Winter St
Waltham, MA 02451

Registration and Cost

NAPO-New England Members: no registration needed
Visitors: Register and pay at the door. ($25)

Understanding and Working with Hoarding Behaviors

Attendees will gain an enhanced understanding of what hoarding disorder ]ooks like and how it is
defined. This presentation will highlight the many vulnerabilities that complicate hoarding situations
including co-morbid disorders and decision-making deficits. The audience will lean to utilize effective
harm reduction approaches to working with clients on a short-term basis. This includes successful
training of the Uniform Inspection Checklist that focuses on objective, harm-reduction targets within an
individual’s home. This presentations tressesth at all work with individuals demonstratingh oarding
behaviors must be a client-centered, collaborative process that respects the dignity and worth of the
person. Additionally, the course will discuss how empathy and empowerment work together to better
engage the individual throughout the process of resolving safety and sanitarv issues in their home.

Eileen’s presentation will help you…

  • Gain increased knowledge of the mental health aspect of Hoarding Disorder and their
    associated impairments;
  • Learn appropriate harm reduction approaches to addressing hoarding behaviors;
  • Better understand the benefits of a multi-disciplinary, collaborativea approach to resolving
    hoarding cases by utilizing a harm reduction tool, the Uniform Inspection Checklist.

About Eileen Dacey

Eileen Dacey, MSW, LCSW  is currently the clinical hoarding specialist and program manager of the North Shore Center for Hoarding and Cluttering (NSCHC). NSCHC is a clinically based program that provides support groups, individual and family counseling. peer support programs. crisis case management, case/town/task force
consultations, and agency and community training. Eileen chairs the North Shore Hoarding Task Force. is a
member of the Boston Hoarding Task

Contact Eileen

Email: edacev@nselder.orq
Telephone: 978-624-2207

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