Add Chapter Event to the Calendar

NAPO-New England members and our Affiliate Liaisons can submit their events for inclusion on our Chapter Event Calendar.

Please complete the form below as soon as possible when an event is scheduled., ideally 5 weeks before the date of the event.

We cannot guarantee inclusion on the calendar if it is submitted two weeks or less before the event.

Use this form for events such as:

Chapter-Sponsored Events

  • Golden Circle meetings
  • GO Month events
  • Let’s GO! events
  • NNE Marketing event (e.g. NNE participation as a speaker, vendor, or exhibitor at an outside event)
  • New Organizer Workshop dates and/or instructor updates
  • Quantum Leap events
  • Success Group meetings

Affiliate Groups Events

  • AAPO
  • BCPO
  • ICD
  • NAPO

Chapter-Sponsored and Affiliate Events Submission Form

  • This is the date that the information is being submitted.
  • We may either call or email you if we have any questions about the information you submitted.
  • Select the name of the group this applies to.
  • Examples: Quantum Leap event; ICD Annual Conference. Think headline
  • If this is a Let's GO! or Golden Circle event and you don't want the location publicized, write "N/A for this event". For Success Groups, if your meeting place will change from meeting to meeting, use the NOW or Success Group information update field below.
  • If your event starts and ends on the same day, please choose the date. For NOW updates, use the NOW update option below. Success Groups: Use the NOW or Success Group field below.
  • :
  • :
  • Please list the start and end dates for the event. For example: 02/01/2017-02/03/2017. For NOW updates or Success Groups, use the NOW update field below.
  • NOW: Please give the dates and instructors for each NOW. Example: 05/04/2017, Joe Adams and Roberta Jones. Success Groups: list your dates (and location if it will change — be sure to be specific. For example: 05/03/2017, Panera, 200 Main St, Waltham MA
  • Go the the website page where our readers can get more information. Make sure our readers won't need to log into the website (e.g. as a member) to get to that page. Copy the address in the search bar and paste it in the field below. You MUST include the http:// in the address or it won't work.
  • This field is required for any Chapter-sponsored groups. If this is an affiliate event and you do not want to include a contact, please leave this field blank.
  • Complete this field ONLY if you want the event contact person's phone number published on the website.
  • Complete this field ONLY if you want the event contact person's email published on the website.
  • Include whatever information about the event that will help the reader learn about your event.