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Amy gets jazzed just driving by a store like Staples, or Michael’s, or OfficeMax, or... well, you get the idea. All those boxes, those labels, those file folders – all just waiting to be utilized to organize papers, schedules, and life! However, Amy knows that while organizing stuff is important and necessary, helping to organize someone’s life is much more integral to a person’s health and success, in their home, their business, their relationships, and for themselves. She has seen up close the value of making order out of the chaos that stems from a person’s inner life of transition or tragedy, whether it expresses itself in a disorganized closet, basement, or office. Amy has a B.A. in Psychology from Bethel College in Minnesota and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in Illinois. She has worked as a therapist to young children, middle schoolers, adults, and families. It is her desire to bring her counseling education, experience, and gifts into the clients’ home and hopefully, into their lives. She believes what Living Peace offers is a ‘working from the outside in’ kind of transformation, beginning with an office space and ending with renewed peace and joy in a person’s life.

Making Something out of Something Else

You’ve probably head the saying “making something out of nothing.” Usually, this sentiment is offered when someone is making a bigger deal out of something than necessary.  However, when it comes to organizing, I say, “make something out of something … Continue reading

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A New Coat of Paint

Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed. -Irene Peter I was riding in the car with my friend and her four year old daughter recently when the car started making a screeching type sound.  Not being a car-savvy … Continue reading

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Benefit to Getting Organized Number 2745: Less Stress

I don’t know anyone who wakes up in the morning, opens the curtains, and greets the day with a hearty “Gee, I really hope I have more stress today.” We all desire stress-free lives; in fact, multi-million dollar companies are … Continue reading

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Measuring Success

We all have a way of defining for ourselves what success means.  For some, it’s winning a competition, acing a test, getting a promotion, buying a house, performing for an audience.  For others, it may be going all day without a cigarette, … Continue reading

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Organizing: Hard work, but well worth the effort

“Some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it”.  ~Author Unknown This blog is going to be short and sweet.  Re-read the above quote.  Soak in its truth, which is this:  Success of any kind … Continue reading

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The Responsiblity of Change

“Action springs forth not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.”  Dietrich Bonhoffer Are you really ready for the responsibility of true action, true change, in your lfe and the lives of your loved ones?  If so, get ready … Continue reading

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Direction vs. Speed

I was talking to a friend the other day, lamenting the fact that life can, indeed, be rough at times (and let’s be honest, those times can seem endless).  But this particular friend has started making real headway in “getting … Continue reading

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The Honor of Sharing Space

As organizers, it is important to be ever mindful of the fact that we are being given the privilege, the honor, of sharing not just physical space with our clients, but mental, emotional, and spiritual space.  And it is that … Continue reading

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Just Start Somewhere

Years ago, I worked in a bookstore and the manager asked me to create a large display.  He said I could be as creative as I wanted to be, just make sure it reflected the season (which happened to be … Continue reading

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Benefits of Getting Organized: Creating External and Internal Space

Have you ever walked into a room and had an immediate visceral response to the disorganization and clutter?  You may have felt anything from disgusted, to uncomfortable, to agitated, to downright panicky. Now imagine it is YOU whose daily life … Continue reading

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